29 March 2009

Merry Mia's Summer Outfits

In desperation for better weather I buckled down this week and made Amelia six outfits for summer. It was delicious working with bright colorful fabrics, giving hope for 70 degree weather again. Yah, right...we have another Winter Storm Watch for Monday-Wednesday. LOL, maybe if I made a dress spring would come.

In church today we had a new baby blessed in our ward. A non-member friend attended the blessing. He got up and bore his testimony for us all. I was very impressed. He even had some good comments in Sunday School...why is this guy NOT baptized??? The missionaries are coming to Sidney so maybe this will be his chance. I commend the family for inviting him and being such a great example. We also watched the new Church Welfare DVD for combined RS/Priesthood meeting. It was very inspiring! For the first time in about 10 years we will have to go to the church to watch General Conference. I remember my mom making General Conference weekends memorable experiences. Sometimes we packed picnics, once she even got us KFC, a RARE treat. Attendance to Saturday conference was poorly attended, we usually had a pew to ourselves to stretch out, color, and "pay attention." In a way I am looking forward to trying this out again. It may be a different experience with a toddler, but we will see.

28 March 2009

Eating Woes

Amelia is in the throes of becoming more independent. Most of you know what this means...we have a toddler. This week inside the house has been a trial of our patience. We accostumed ourselves to being outside as a diversion. Pretty much we spent most of the week inside, making little excursions here and there. Amelia was beside herself with impatience to get outside. Freezing cold weather did not permit more than a couple minutes outside. The outcome was a very cranky baby. She spent more minutes in Time Out than she ever has. Little stinker was hitting me, spitting out food onto the carpet, crying for no good reason, and yelling at me. I am not so sure Time Out really works for us. Amelia gets crankier and will often spend 30-45 minutes crying in the corner without stopping. This grates on my nerves to no end so now she gets one Time Out, and if the crying does not cease we go into her room, sit in the rocker, and cuddle until she is back in control of her feelings.

She is also going through the no eating phases. I am trying very hard to raise a non-picky child. She loves ramen, choco crispies, cheese, and pickles. It seems we battle through every meal, me trying to get her to eat healthy foods and her insisting on "Noonels" (noodles). Amelia will refuse to eat and come 8 pm she still has not eaten her dinner and is ravenous. Still she refuses to eat her dinner so goes to sleep cranky and wakes up cranky. I wonder if the battle is worth pursuing.

Beside the willfulness and independence battles she is a delightful child. She drags Cactus, her plastic horse anywhere she wants a leg up. Cactus goes to time out if he makes her fall. Amelia is also starting to put on her own clothes. She is delighted with her progress. When she goes down for her afternoon nap, she takes a book or two in with her. She actually reads/looks at the books until she falls asleep. I love this about her...since this is a favorite way I fall asleep. Wednesday she took her nap with a book in one hand and a pickle in the other. This week she called Justin by "Daddy Justin." He melts! I giggle!

Here are some videos taken this week:
Shake Your Booty Yah!!
Tuesday's Blizzard
Time Out Diva

25 March 2009

Wild Weather

75 degree weather, picnic outside wearing flip flops!!

The wind and snow made a fun pattern on our screen door

The wind blowing the snow around

It feels like Friday already! After two days inside the house Amelia and I can't wait for better weather again. Sunday it was so warm and nice outside we had a little picnic outside. I had short sleeves on and flip flops. It was heaven. Monday morning it was in the 20s, blustery with hurricane strength wind with a blizzard on the way. School was cancelled on Monday, but the snow never came. The highway was closed due to wind so maybe the closure was a good thing. Tuesday morning the snow finally came. A ton of snow fell but only a little stuck on the ground because the wind blew all the snow away. Amelia and I spent Monday and Tuesday listening to the garage door rattle and shingles popping. I pulled out the creative juice and made a couple cute outfits for Amelia and crocheted a newborn hat for a customer. I tried to sew Amelia a dress but that failed miserably. The pattern said "easy," whoever labeled that pattern easy must have been crazy. The dress had a round collar that turned out very hard to get straight and perfect. I ended up stewing over the pattern for a couple hours, making attempt after attempt only to give up at the end. I ended up making the lower dress portion into a cute skirt.

I finally watched "Twilight" while crocheting a hat during Amelia's nap time. The movie was pretty close to the book as far as I can remember. Next time I want to watch it on a screen bigger than 6 inches. Amelia's been in a crabby mood due to being stuck inside. I bought her a little grocery basket full of plastic food to amuse her during this storm. She did enjoy pretending to cut the food and feed it to her horsie, Cactus. She uses Cactus as a step stool in the kitchen. Last night she pulled down a bag of cereal. Of course it was not open so it scattered all over the floor. Cleaning up was quite satisfactory because she ate almost as much as went back into the bag. Yesterday evening she spent a full 30 minutes in time out screaming her head off. She was in a funky mood after her nap and needed 30 minutes of crying to work out her angst. We made a quick trip to Safeway before time out where she cried the whole time. Alison and Ella were there at the same time...Alison could hear Amelia across the store!

Crazy Morning Hair

22 March 2009

Our Stuff is Here

The movers came on Friday to deliver our shipment of household goods the company packed up and stored back in January. It was so awesome to "see" our stuff come off the truck, but sad that we could not enjoy it. I did manage to grab Amelia's luxury stroller, her piano table, her small red rocking chair, and a laundry basket. Amelia spent some time with Sister Mason in their trucking business office near the storage units. She colored pictures and ate a lot of chocolate M&Ms. Justin and I traded turns checking off numbers on the shipping manifest to make sure all our stuff arrived. We filled one 10x20 and one 10x8 with stuff. Too bad the movers couldn't move it all into a house. Now we have to scrounge around for help once we get a home here. Mostly, I just snacked on pickles and watched them sherpa stuff off the trucks. Amelia was thrilled to see her piano again. She pulled up the rocking chair and played with it for a good ten minutes. Towards the end of our shipment she found some red beads, plopped them around her neck and ran off looking for a new adventure.

I had a busy rest of the day. I did four loads of laundry at the laundromat, went to Walmart, and got my picture taken at Kelly Highby's studio. She promoted a Free Facebook Friday day, where you could come and get a profile pic taken and donate funds to the American Cancer Society. I convinced Alison to go with me. I also wanted to scope out her studio, which was uber-cool. I took some hats and shirts to show Kelly. She ordered two infant hats from me! Kelly said she may take me on as a mentor in the next month or so. I am excited just to even watch her in action. The pictures are cool...just a little disappointed that I ended up looking so PLUMP. Goodness, pregnancy really makes my face look bloated. You would never guess I spend hours at the gym each week and eat as healthy as possible. Makes me a little mad. It is so hard not to be hard on myself all the time. Guess this experience is not about me or the way I look! Still hard to swallow the reality. You can at least admire my shorter, layered hair and my gorgeous eyes.
Amelia is on a hunger strike. She is not eating anything. Little bird only weighs 21 pounds. Sometimes she eats a pickle and still loves her Ella Snacks (fruit snacks). We went back to the storage unit Saturday to find our printer. The movers packed the printer and the cords separately. My mission was to find maternity pants. I found a possible box at the very back of one unit between two stacks, and under three other boxes. Justin decided to sort through the boxes when I wanted to give up. My pants were found in the mentioned box. Now I have four pants to wear instead of just two. That should make laundry less necessary. Yipee!

I found a fun project on the internet where you take a man's shirt and turn it into a toddler's dress (Click here for link). I found a red shirt at the Salvation Army for $.25 last week so attempted to make the dress. It turned out cute, but a little tight around the chest. Amelia was asleep while I cut and sewed the dress, thus measured incorrectly. I will have to try again. I also finished making three boy shirts and an Easter shirt and skirt for Amelia, plus crocheted three more hats to sell. We went to the park at dusk because Amelia was super cranky and I was about the explode with frustration. She and Justin are so cute when interacting. Justin bought a turkey caller at Cabela's so spent the afternoon scratching out turkey noises. Amelia thought this was fun. We stopped by a little market and got ice cream and soda to make floats for a treat. Huge, dark rain clouds crowded in as we left the park. Rain started to fall as we arrived back home. Amelia and I went out puddle jumping for a few minutes. Amelia liked to "run fasht" in the rain. She slept horribly last night. By 5:45 am I was out of gas so took the little monster into bed with us. She went right to sleep leaving me about four inches of mattress now matter how much I shoved her to the side. Justin and I spoke in Sacrament meeting today. Our organist is out of town for a month so I am also playing organ for the next month. The organ here is sort of strange. It was never properly set up so the organist has to manually adjust all the sound settings before playing, the settings cannot be saved. I spoke on "Gaining a Testimony." My main source was President Uchtdorf's message out of the Feb Ensign. I intermingled his thoughts with my experience of gaining a testimony of Joseph Smith nearly 20 years ago. Justin was really worried that my talk was only going to be 5 minutes because I only had 2 pages of written notes. He worried in vain since my talk was 20 minutes long. I missed most of his talk because Amelia started being really loud. She spent most of his talk in timeout in the foyer. He spoke on Fasting and Tithing. Tag Team Call!! I almost missed my cue to play the closing song because Amelia was crying so loud. Not sure what her beef is lately!!! Could it be teething? LOL.

19 March 2009

Feeding the Duckies

Feeding the Duckies
Conversing girl to girl
Crocheting like Mommy

The final product

Around 10 am a couple times a week tornado sirens belt out practice blasts. Yesterday Amelia was on the floor coloring when the siren started. I dropped her cup of yogurt it startled me so bad. Amelia yanked up her head and screamed, "Fire Siren!" We ran outside to watch the siren rotate around on it's pole. Luckily, the siren is right across the street from our current abode.

Yesterday Alison needed some help with Braden and Ella for 45 minutes. We met at the park for an hour of fun. It was colder than I realized but we still had a great time. The girls went down all the slides about 20 times per slide. They had a great time! Braden had fun going faster than the girls and making them laugh. Alison brought me some free bread she got at a local church food drive, we decided to go feed the ducks (2) and geese (about 20). Amelia and Ella were enthralled with the idea of throwing bread into the pond. I think they ate as much bread as they threw in.

Alison watched Amelia that afternoon while I got my hair trimmed. No need for pictures since it is pretty much the same, just shorter and a couple more layers. While dinner was on the stove Amelia and I played outside. Usually I sit on her little table/stool and crochet a hat to sell. I went inside at one point and came back out to find the little monkey sitting on the stool trying to crochet. She was VERY proud of her attempt. Maybe my dream of a child sweat shop can come to fruition!

We had another fainting episode with Amelia last night. I was bathing her and tried to brush her teeth. She must have a trigger spot on her mouth that makes her faint. I touched it with the toothbrush and she immediately went into a dead faint. Holding a wet baby in the bath is no easy task. She went limp for a couple seconds then came too. She was very upset after fainting. Guess the toothbrush touched the two spots where her eye teeth are trying to come through. She kept telling me "no mommy, owie mouth." She may be related to the famous fainting goats that some guy in our ward owns.

17 March 2009

St Patty's Day

Happy St Patrick's Day. I love green and corned beef...thus I LOVE this holiday. Amelia looked so cute in her green duds we had a little photo shoot by the Post Office (again). You will probably get tired of seeing awesome pictures of her but my source of subjects is currently limited to ONE. So here she is again.

We met Justin at the ice cream store, named for the large ice cream cones outside and that we eat ice cream there. Most know the store as DQ. I agreed to move to Sidney because they at least had a DQ here. I would have balked had it not been here. We are impressed with the quality of this store when compared to the West Valley store: this one is clean, bright, and the food is 50% better. Amelia squealed when we pulled into the parking lot wanting i-cream for lunch. She squealed again when "Sweetie Daddy" pulled up next to us. I ordered a huge spicy burger that tasted really good but sat in my stomach like a stone knowing that come tomorrow my workout will be 20 minutes longer than normal. It was worth it. Justin almost got pinched because his only green was luckily his Cabela's lanyard. I hope he forgets and takes it off so I can pinch his bum bum. Amelia is still napping (1:30 to 4:00 so far). She needs an excellent nap to get better.

Little Sickie

I am SOOOOOOOOO tired! I feel like we already have a newborn in the house. Saturday, Sunday, and last night were tainted with little sleep. Amelia has a bad cough so is not sleeping very well. She is waking up every 30-60 minutes from 9 pm until the morning comes. It is strange how little she seems affected by the lack of sleep. All I want to do is nap, she wants to play! Alison let me borrow a humidifier to help relieve her congestion. At lunch time yesterday she had a fever so just went to sleep on my lap. I wish we had a comfy couch since that is where I've spent most of the past couple nights. I took her to the Dr yesterday just to make sure her ears were not infected as well and that she did not have pnumonia. She does have bronchitis and a sore throat. Hopefully, she feels better soon and doubly hopeful that I will NOT catch her cold.

Saturday morning Justin and Amelia came with me to the gym. Justin played with Amelia in the gym then went to the park to play while I worked out. Charity hosted an Open House for our SLC home. It was not very successful. We actually got an offer two weekends ago for $12k less than our posted price and $10 below the market average for our neighborhood. They did not take our counter offer. At least there is some market movement!!

Justin went out with the Haley family to shoot pararie dogs and check out some government hunting land. They came home after 9 pm tired and happy. Justin did shoot his gun so felt fulfilled. I went shopping with Alison, Ella, and Amelia. Alison drove us all to Sterling. We went to JC Pennys, Dollar Tree, Walmart, and a couple other small clothing stores. Alison found a cute shirt and black pumps for a steal of a deal. I made due with some trophies from Dollar Tree for Easter. She introduced me to a yummy Mexican place, where I ordered a burrito. It was pretty good. We had fun escaping Sidney for a couple hours and enjoying Girl time.

At church Amelia wanted to see "Sweetie Daddy" so was sitting on the couch yelling for Sweetie Daddy. That made Justin feel like a million bucks. She calles herself "Sweet Mia" or "Sweetie Bubs." Sunday the Burke family invited us over for dinner at their home. Brother Burke grilled up some juicy steaks to accompany baked potatoes and peas. I ate more than usual because the steak tasted so good! We discovered Amelia is allergic to cats. She mauled their little kitty with little loves and pats. It was pretty cute. Her poor little nose was pouring snot and eyes puffed up all red and gross. A dose of Benedryl relieved those symptoms within 10 minutes. The Burke's had a fun trampoline we played on. Brother Burke showed off his hachet throwing skills on their backyard target. It was fun to get to know another family in our ward.

Yesterday the weather bounced back to 74. Talk about weather schizophrenia...from 74 to 3 to 74 all in a week is pretty crazy. No wonder Amelia is sick. We had fun playing with chalk, dragging her horsie outside, and going to the park. I made our St Patrick's Day dinner last night because tonight is our RS birthday dinner. I cooked corned beef, cabbage, and potatoes in the crock pot all day. Miekka gave me the recipe for Sally Lun bread to top of our meal. I am excited to wear green today!! Hooray for St Patrick's Day. Any day that celebrates the color green is pretty awesome.

14 March 2009

Two Funny Stories

Amelia wearing Daddy's winter socks

Number 1:
Yesterday Amelia and I went grocery shopping. Safeway has cool carts with a little plastic car attached on the front. Amelia willingly (amazing!) went into the car and buckled in. I shopped for about 10 minutes before heading to the check out. Somewhere along the way she grabbed 3 York Peppermint Patties from her advantageous perch. She somehow opened all three packages and took bites out of all three. By the time I noticed what was going on she was covered in chocolate and yelling, "Yummy Mommy, iso Yummy!" The checker looked at me like I was a bad mom. We paid for the contraband and made a smooth exit. She was really happy about her gain and yummy treat. Got to watch her when she's in a super fun cart.

Number 2:
Amelia is very interested to know what parts of her body are called. A couple weeks ago she asked me what my chest area was called. In a swift thinking maneuver I told her my chest called "boobies." Now Daddy has boobies, Amelia has boobies, Mommy has boobies, even her Mimi and dolly have boobies. Last night we were looking at her picture book filled with family pictures. At the beginning of the album is a picture of the Christus. She points to the picture and says, "Jesus!" As I turn the pages I can see the wheels turning, she turns the page back and points to his chest exclaiming, "Jesus Boobies!!" We about died laughing...is that sacrilegious? LOL. Click here for a reenactment video.

13 March 2009

An Update on Mia

Wee-dirt: Yogurt
Stery: Scary
Elepant: elephant
Staber: Strawberry
Ella Nack: Fruit Snacks
Dupes: Boots
Noo-nules: Noodles
Rouny round: Wheels on the Bus
Mia: Amelia
Chachits: Chocolate Milk
Eyebrew: Eyebrow
Mee-maw: Grandma
Schweetie: sweetie
Blinket: Blanket
Pingers: Fingers
Binty: Binky
Bess You: Bless you (said after every cough or sneeze)
Dolers: Color Crayons

She also is very fond of naming what belongs to Amelia, Mommy, and Daddy. She loves to pick up Daddy's pants, Daddy's shoes, and Daddy's shirt. With me she likes to name my different body parts then compare them to her own. She definitely knows what her toys and books are.

We recently banished her binky to bedtime. She is doing okay with out it. Every time we go on a walk or car ride she makes numerous requests for her binty. She does not like the loss of her binky except at sleepy time but we need to get ready for binky to make a permanent exit before number two baby makes its entrance. Some days I really want her to have it because she is so cranky but we persevere.

Amelia loves Sesame Street! She knows all the characters by name. When the show comes on she rattles off a list longer than my arm of all the monsters and characters. It is almost comical. She can count to 12 and say her ABCs if prompted. Her newest favorite show is Caillou, kinda dumb, but educational. She calls him "tai-lou." She also likes to talk to the baby in my tummy. I really wonder if she thinks I have a Walmart plastic baby in my tummy floating around. She wants to change the baby's diaper in my tummy. We are also experiencing more and more emotional outbreaks at any given moment. Yesterday we were on a walk and she flipped out because she didn't want her hat on, it was too cold to go without, then she wanted to walk instead of ride, on and on. I guess this is the price of infantile independence. I spend a huge amount of time redirecting her little emotions into more conducive avenues. At least for now she is easily redirected. She also loves to sweep, clean off her horsie and the floors with a towel, and wash her hands. What a fun little package to enjoy!!!

10 March 2009

Our Weekend

I finally have a reprieve to write about our weekend. Amelia is keeping us busy!! Last night she was not feeling well so was acting like a Prima Ballerina. Either she is not feeling well or the terrible twos are out in force. We even went on a walk in freezing cold wind to temper her little feelings. Didn't help much! Strange to think it was 74 degrees last Wednesday and this morning it was 3 degrees outside. Yikes!!!!

Saturday morning Justin and I both hunkered down to finish preparing our lessons for Sunday School and RS respectively. We made a trip to Safeway to get some cereal for a $1 per box other good deals they had this past week. We decided to stay around during nap time since Amelia is now napping in her own bed. Yes, you heard right! Ever since we went to Jordan Amelia was a stinker when it came to napping. I decided it was not a bad idea to nap myself so started napping with her for 20 minutes or so, then get up and have my Mommy time. In the past month or so she started waking up every time I even moved crying for Mommy. It was torture to nap with her for over an hour. Thursday I got so fed up with her clinginess she was banished back to her crib. She actually surprised me and didn't make much of a fuss (only crying for 20 minutes) and then slept for over 2 hours. We made sure she napped in her crib for consistency sake. I am liberated!!

Saturday evening we took a mini trip to Sterling, CO, a small town about 40 minutes away. The town boasts a larger Walmart and several other stores like Dollar Tree. We shopped at Dollar Tree mostly stocking up on candy, purses for Amelia, and coloring books. I spotted a really busy restaurant that promised to have some good eats. We dined on Prime Rib (Justin), buffalo wings (me), and a yummy salad. Amelia charmed the waiter by telling him how cute she was. I crocheted another hat during the drive.

Our lessons went well on Sunday. I was just glad to not be subbing in Primary! Three people still asked me to sub before and after Sacrament Meeting. Amelia almost came with me to Gospel Doctrine because there was no one in Nursery, luckily, someone volunteered at the last moment. Justin taught about section 25. We had some pretty good discussions about marriage relationships. I taught about missionary work. At first I was so cold that my mouth kept talking too fast, once my temperature regulated I slowed down a bit. The vent was blowing directly on my head!!

We invited the Grunig family over for dinner. I made a pork roast, mashed potatoes, gravy, salad, and french bread. Sister Grunig brought a yummy apple crisp for dessert. We enjoyed getting to know each other, swapping mission stories etc. Brother Grunig served his mission in Southern France like my Dad.

Amelia started singing songs about 2 weeks ago. I took a couple videos of her singing "Twinkle, twinkle little star" and "Jesus wants me for a sunbeam". There are a couple other links to videos of her just being cute. I finally captured her saying "sumbiddy, he he he he he he!" We have no idea what she is talking about or meaning but whatever it is sure is cute. Enjoy the videos!!

Twinkle Little Star
Jesus Wants Me for a Sunbeam
Licking a Bowl
Sumbiddy He He He He and Version 2

09 March 2009

Mood for Miekka

Miekka sent out a call for help decorating her laundry slash craft room. She loves, loves red (me too) so it was easy to pick up that theme. Lately, I am in love with tin ceilings and backsplashes so threw that in there for kicks. I can't wait to see what Miekka really does. Check out her blog for other mood boards if you want to see and participate: Miekka.

07 March 2009

The Last Three Shirts

Hooray! I am done with the short-sleeved shirts! I discovered a couple more long-sleeved shirts plus three boy shirts that I still need to finish. I think the apple shirt is so adorable. This week I also crocheted three more hats to add to my "sell pile." Slowly but surely is my motto.

06 March 2009

25 August 2009

So our big news of the week is that number 2 is on its merry way. We had an ultrasound today to make sure I was not having twins...YIKES. I am carrying this baby even higher than Amelia, so the Dr wanted to take a peek. The ultrasound tech said it could be a boy but is still too early to be definitive. I think it is a boy because morning sickness lasted a lot longer than with Amelia, which morning sickness was violent but lasted only 6 weeks. This one lasted 14 weeks. I had scheduled pukings at 7:30 pm for about a month. Amelia also learned to imitate barfing noises, much to my chagrin. Justin was working all this time so he missed out on most of my ornery-ness. We went on on Wednesday thinking the Dr would do the ultrasound then, but he made us an appt for today. Amelia was so cute at the Dr office. Finally it was someone else's turn to get poked besides her. She delighted the Dr by sharing her Mimi and purse contents. She also sang Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star! Out in the parking lot she was running along with purse in one hand and Mimi in the other. The image seemed so idyllic that I HAD to take some pictures. Today the tech gave us a due date of 25 August 2009, which was close to my prediction of 30 August 209. If this one is as late as Amelia my date will be the winner. During the ultrasound the baby was moving and grooving. Amelia was a sedate little fetus, this one is hyped up on goof balls already. It kept flipping around causing the tech some troubles measuring what needed to be measured. In the end we got some fun shots of the baby giving a high five and stretching legs.
Top: side-view of little Call
Bottom: giving a HIGH-FIVE
Top: Legs stretched out
Bottom: Give me a whoot-whoot!!
Mommy with her little monkey

Pursin' her Mimi

03 March 2009

Sidewalk Chalk

For some reason this seems very momentous to me: sidewalk chalk. I picked some up at Walmart today just to see if she would dig coloring outside. She played outside by herself for 20 whole minutes. I could hear her little voice wafting through the door saying stuff like "ABC's" and "123's" plus commentary on the scary doggies, loud trains, and cars passing by. She is a funny girl. I don't ever need to wonder what is going on because she gives a running tally out loud.

Justin is coming home now in time for dinner! He can hear Amelia shrieking his name from inside his car once she spots "Daddy's car." He is tickled pink every time. I've tried to replicate several favorite restaurant dishes here at home. Today I attempted to make Penne Rosa from Noodles and Co. Honestly, I think it tasted just as good or better. Yum, yummy.

Yesterday Amelia and I enjoyed the warmer weather by going on a walk to the Salvation Army and book store. No good finds this week. The Salvation Army here seems to have the same stuff all the time, it must be hit and miss. I also miss the KSL Classifieds and Craig's List. I am looking for a fun trike for Amelia's birthday, one short enough to fit her tiny legs but also adjustable. Keep an eye out for me. I think Amelia and I will try to come out to Utah while my Dad is visiting Jeff and John sometime in April. We may even be in Utah over Amelia's birthday. How fun will that be?? Who knows!

Justin cracks me up. Last night we had a serious conversation about Man Boundaries. Apparently, it is uncouth to ask another man where he shoots his prairie dogs. If I was new to the area and unsure of where to shoot myself a varmint, I'd ask another dude about some options. I don't understand "MAN CODE." Along the same lines I probably don't understand "woman code" because I usually make my own rules and do whatever seems the most logical (or illogical) course of action. I could not help giggling through out the night thinking about Justin's view of how to deal with other dudes.

01 March 2009

Chocolate Brownie Mix

Little Bunny Foo Foo

We love having Justin home during the weekends. He put Amelia's tights on his head (sorry no picture of that). She was not too sure what to think of that. I kept saying how funny it was. We put the tights on her head then admired her reflection in the mirror, after seeing herself she exclaimed, "Mia Punny!" What a goofy girl. I love watching and hearing Justin and Amelia play on the weekends. She sure loves having him around (me too). Justin let me go to the gym on Saturday, LATE MORNING, instead of at my usual 6:20 am. It was so nice. The fitness center was crammed to the gills with young basketball players participating in tournaments.

After naps we met up with another Real Estate agent to check out more homes. The first home was an accidental repeat showing. After a while all the homes look the same. The agent is named Kelly, Amelia started off calling the poor guy, Stroller. She eventually settled on Telly from Sesame Street. He was tickled pink when she started chasing his laser point like a little puppy. We saw one home that is on our list of top five. It was very open and airy with large windows and skylights/tubes in the bathrooms. The house was painted fun colors and was decorated with the ever popular vinyl lettering. My new favorite home is one I saw earlier this week. It is a huge home, built in 1920 and expanded in 1970. It has tons of storage space. Needs some face-lifting in the kitchen but is still really cool. My husband, the nerdy accountant, emailed me an excel spreadsheet detailing our top five homes. The spreadsheet showed which house is the best deal based on square footage, needed updates, and GARAGE SIZE. LOL. He makes me laugh. The home I like is now looking better and better, even on excel. First things first! Our house needs to sell in Utah. We've seen so many different houses, from old and stale to brand spankin' new. We have to schedule a time to have our stuff in storage delivered to a local storage unit. The relocation company will only store our belongings for 60 days, after that we have to pay $22 per day. That is pretty steep.

We made a stop by the park to swing and slide before heading back home freezing cold but excited for dinner of Chop Suey. Amelia helped me make brownies for a treat. She licked the bowl and everything else that had a residue of chocolate batter. I will post a couple pics of her choco face in a bit. She had another BAD night. I think Amelia has another ear infection because she kept screaming oww-eee mommy at the top of her lungs during the night. I spent a couple hours on the couch holding her until she fell asleep. I love Benedryl.

At church I was immediately nabbed by the Primary President to play the piano. Every week it seems she zeroes in on me from the moment my foot enters the chapel door. She is pretty intense, it is almost comical! So I played piano another week. I wish the Bishop would just give us a calling so I don't have to play musical callings every week. I peeked in on Amelia several times during Nursery because it was across the hall. She is doing very well in Nursery now. Justin takes her to class, I have no idea how that goes! I'd rather not know. When I peek in she is either staring a book being read, playing with the dollies, or playing with the kids. I am so relieved that she is doing better at Nursery. I was almost beginning to think Nursery would be my Sunday School and RS for the next year.

I started crocheting hats this week. So far I crocheted 2 hats per day for the past couple days, not bad. I hope to have a hat per shirt to sell. There is a woman's conference in Sidney the end of April. I should have plenty of time to crochet my fingers off and finish the last couple shirts left in my stash.