17 March 2009

Little Sickie

I am SOOOOOOOOO tired! I feel like we already have a newborn in the house. Saturday, Sunday, and last night were tainted with little sleep. Amelia has a bad cough so is not sleeping very well. She is waking up every 30-60 minutes from 9 pm until the morning comes. It is strange how little she seems affected by the lack of sleep. All I want to do is nap, she wants to play! Alison let me borrow a humidifier to help relieve her congestion. At lunch time yesterday she had a fever so just went to sleep on my lap. I wish we had a comfy couch since that is where I've spent most of the past couple nights. I took her to the Dr yesterday just to make sure her ears were not infected as well and that she did not have pnumonia. She does have bronchitis and a sore throat. Hopefully, she feels better soon and doubly hopeful that I will NOT catch her cold.

Saturday morning Justin and Amelia came with me to the gym. Justin played with Amelia in the gym then went to the park to play while I worked out. Charity hosted an Open House for our SLC home. It was not very successful. We actually got an offer two weekends ago for $12k less than our posted price and $10 below the market average for our neighborhood. They did not take our counter offer. At least there is some market movement!!

Justin went out with the Haley family to shoot pararie dogs and check out some government hunting land. They came home after 9 pm tired and happy. Justin did shoot his gun so felt fulfilled. I went shopping with Alison, Ella, and Amelia. Alison drove us all to Sterling. We went to JC Pennys, Dollar Tree, Walmart, and a couple other small clothing stores. Alison found a cute shirt and black pumps for a steal of a deal. I made due with some trophies from Dollar Tree for Easter. She introduced me to a yummy Mexican place, where I ordered a burrito. It was pretty good. We had fun escaping Sidney for a couple hours and enjoying Girl time.

At church Amelia wanted to see "Sweetie Daddy" so was sitting on the couch yelling for Sweetie Daddy. That made Justin feel like a million bucks. She calles herself "Sweet Mia" or "Sweetie Bubs." Sunday the Burke family invited us over for dinner at their home. Brother Burke grilled up some juicy steaks to accompany baked potatoes and peas. I ate more than usual because the steak tasted so good! We discovered Amelia is allergic to cats. She mauled their little kitty with little loves and pats. It was pretty cute. Her poor little nose was pouring snot and eyes puffed up all red and gross. A dose of Benedryl relieved those symptoms within 10 minutes. The Burke's had a fun trampoline we played on. Brother Burke showed off his hachet throwing skills on their backyard target. It was fun to get to know another family in our ward.

Yesterday the weather bounced back to 74. Talk about weather schizophrenia...from 74 to 3 to 74 all in a week is pretty crazy. No wonder Amelia is sick. We had fun playing with chalk, dragging her horsie outside, and going to the park. I made our St Patrick's Day dinner last night because tonight is our RS birthday dinner. I cooked corned beef, cabbage, and potatoes in the crock pot all day. Miekka gave me the recipe for Sally Lun bread to top of our meal. I am excited to wear green today!! Hooray for St Patrick's Day. Any day that celebrates the color green is pretty awesome.

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Taylor's said...

I hope you get some sleep here shortly. And green is an AWESOME color - although I love Blue.

The Haley Family said...

Phew...I am exhausted just reading all about your days! Granted...I contributed to Saturday! Hope the humidifier helps!