03 April 2010

Easter Saturday

Every year Sidney holds a community egg hunt. Last year we were 2 minutes late and missed the entire production. This year we were 20 minutes early! Amelia was very excited to have a basket and wear her Easter skirt. I did not waste my time making a cute outfit this year because last year I learned April is still a very cold month so Amelia only wore her outfit ONCE. What a waste! She about jumped with excitement when the pink bunny lady showed up. Once the whistle went off the candy/eggs/baskets/toys were snatched up in about a minute flat. Amelia was pleased with her seven pieces of candy and two nickels. We only missed 15 minutes of conference, so that was not too bad. I put the baby monitor near the TV to pipe the voices to my handset and spent the remainder of the conference cleaning the basement common area and my craft room. During the break we all went outside to dye 24 Easter Eggs. Amelia's favorite color was yellow and purple. She had a blast mixing colors and helping Justin. During Priesthood session Deb came over with her twins to watch a chick flick with us, eat pizza, and play with the babies. Her twins are 10 days younger than Phillip. We did not actually watch the movie because it was boring and the kiddos were too loud. Phillip managed to blow out of another outfit so needed an emergency bath. Yuck. Deb and I love to chat and crochet whenever we get together. The babies pull each others faces, babble, and blow raspberries...they are excellent at sharing.

This was a crazy piano week. Mia caught a nasty flu on Monday so I cancelled two of my Tuesday lessons. Between Monday and Tuesday the washer cleaned 6 loads of laundry. Because I cancelled some lessons we spread them all over the remainder of the week. Amelia learned how to manipulate the preset song selection last week. She probably plays on the piano for a good 1-2 hours per day. Her favorite song is Cuckoo by Strauss. I perodically hear her plunking out her own songs.

Friday evening Justin and I had dinner at "Dude's Steak House" with his boss, coworker, and a visiting auditor. Phillip came along for the evening. He dazzled the ladies and laid out the smarm. The restaurant sure whips up an awesome steak.

Most of the week was a blur due to Amelia's flu. We mostly cleaned/sterlized, went to the park once with Ella, played outside, put her play slide together, went on walks, and endured two crabby kiddos. Phillip is not feeling well. His poor nose is very stuffy which makes his eye all goopy which means he is coughing which means he is not sleeping well which means he only wants to be held. I blame the cold on teething.

Tuesday I did teach a crochet class at the Evangelical church here in Sidney. I enjoyed getting to know a gal who knits and knows how to teach knitting skills. Her phone number is safely tucked away. Before cleaning my craft room I sewed three shirts for Phillip, two for Amelia, a skirt, made four hair pretties, cut out a Princess Aurora dress, and crocheted three hats. After all that crafting my space was...well....a HUGE mess. The result(s) are worth waiting for!