11 March 2013

Our Little Reader


We enjoyed a fun week with Amelia having two early release days and two days off this week. Phillip was very excited to have someone younger to play with. Monday I took the boys with me to Walmart for the weekly shopping I missed on Saturday from our Denver trip. I remember why going with one child or by myself is so nice.

Tuesday Justin and I went to Amelia's parent-teacher conference. My piano student, Traeli stayed with Amelia and Phillip while I went. She did great for an 11 year old. Amelia is doing awesome in school. She topped the charts in all her reading tests, social benchmarks, and her report card. Mrs Hamling said Amelia is a delight to have in her class, is nice to all her classmates, and said she sets a good example. Her reading teacher said Amelia is a great reader, only needs to speed up her work time. She tends to be a perfectionist (wonder where she got that from?). Amelia is often very resistant to read to me at home from books we own. I think she is embarrassed to not know words and make mistakes. Mrs Hamling gave Justin and I homework to make sure she reads at home. Amelia seems intent on making sure I get MY homework done! Hooray.

I developed a nasty double eye infection. By Wednesday both of my eyes looked like red, inflated balloons. I tried two types of antibiotic drops to no avail. I finally used my allergy drops on Sunday which at least removed the inflammation and some of the redness. I wonder if this will be the affliction of this pregnancy! Grrr. Makes me feel grouchy.

Amelia invited Katelyn over for a playdate after school of Wednesday. The weather was tolerable outside so I busted out the kites I got a couple weeks ago. The kids had a blast running in circles and up and down the sidewalk. Phillip even tied his kite to his bike and kept his kite in the air the longest. I swear that kid is a mechanical genius. His spatial memory is amazing. Katelyn was excited to have watermelon during the winter. Thanks to Mexico! Something about sucking on sweet watermelon made us all pine for spring. It seems just around the lengthening corner.

Thursday Amelia and Phillip discovered the joys of gunny sack jumping! They amused themselves for an hour with jumping races and pretending to be Santa Easter bunnies. We enjoyed lovely three hours at the park. I think 1/3 of Amelia's friends showed up to play at the park too! She found Lily, Katelyn, Camden, Jasmine, and Katie all enjoying the nice weather too. Phillip and Everett were beyond excited to be at the park too. We took a lunch break at Subway with Justin. The kids congregated on the curb waiting for Justin to appear. When we did drive up all three kids jumped up and down yelling his name. Justin felt like a rock star! We all went back to the park to play.

My kids have the longest, and darkest lashes. I am so jealous! Phillip fell asleep showing off his long, dark lashes. Made him look like an angel clothed in Cabela's camo. He was in boy heaven helping Justin change the van oil with Justin. Both guys had headlamps and tools. It was perfection. Phillip toted around his hand-balloon and tools getting dirty as he "helped" Justin. Justin is so patient and loving with our kids. He lets them help even when he'd rather do it alone. Those memories will stay with the kids forever. Amelia spent a good hour outside skating up and down the block on her skates. She found two garden stakes to help propel her along. Phillip made two escapes on his Buzz bike. I found him trying make a break for the elementary park (two blocks away) and then half way around the block. We may need to install a shock collar on the bike to keep him within bounds. Justin and I enjoyed a date out for pizza and then a movie. We watched the new Wizard of Oz movie. It was

Saturday a windy blizzard blew through town. We only got a dusting of snow, a pocket full or wind, and sunshine later the afternoon. Justin was highly disappointed. Amelia and I made a leprechaun trap to lure Leo the Leprechaun into our house. She is bound and determined to trap that naughty little man. First she drew a plan of how her trap would look. I helped her decorate a box to resemble her plan. We used mini peppers to stamp shamrock shapes on her house, painted shells green, and made a rainbow roof. Once the house is completed I will post a photo. When I got Phillip into his Buzz jammies he declared he was Super Phillip Buzz Year. He cracks us up. Everett learned how to use the word, funny, this week. He will find an amusing situation and declare it "punny" then fake laugh. We are doing MUCH better this week keeping his binky in bed. That kid can be a diva when crossed.

Sunday we enjoyed having Maren and Matt Carlile. Justin and Matt co-teach the 9-10 year olds and are home teaching comps. They laugh with us at our silly kids. Makes it fun to enjoy their table dancing skills. I lost the battle of the coffee table. A while back I finally gave up trying to keep my coffee table decorated with a crocheted lace and bowl of fake fruit. Phillip ripped most of the fruit with his sharp teeth. I'd pick up and reassemble the table decorations about 3 times per day. I gave up. Now the kids use the table to dance on and have jumping contests. Yes, I am THAT mom! Good thing the coffee table is a tank.