14 April 2013

Reclaiming the Kitchen

I was dead dog tired most of this week. Phew! I took a lot of naps and tried to get my energy back. Monday was a nice day in the upper 60s. Phillip tied a kite to his trike and spent the better part of an hour dragging it along. He would whoop when the wind would pick up the kite and pedal for his life. When Amelia got home it started to rain, so the kids donned goulashes and umbrellas for a cold jaunt in the rain and puddles. The next day we woke up to snow and wind. Crazy!

School cancelled Tuesday and Wednesday due to high winds, ice, and mounds of drifted snow. It really was an interesting storm. We nearly went stir crazy not going anywhere, trapped in the house. Amelia and Phillip kept fighting much to my chagrin. Tuesday I was so tired that most of the day I spent napping while the kids watched TV and made messes. I did get the cabinet doors repainted with two coats on Tuesday. We even cleaned the bathroom! Small things, right?! The storm closed I-80 Tuesday and Wednesday. The roads were covered in ice and the wind made travel treacherous. Phillip tried to play outside but only lasted 30 seconds in the wind. We had a nice drift completely covering our porch swing.

Wednesday we went to the church for an hour of running, playing, and eating. The RS hosted a potluck lunch to bid Christine Landers and family farewell. They are moving to Idaho for a new job. Amelia will really miss the opportunity to marry Zane...she loves that kid. Wednesday I got the cabinets glazed. Justin worked on our taxes. I was really nervous about reporting my income this year. Was afraid we'd end up owing money in spite of the deductions we claim. Glad to report we still get a refund. Hooray, phew. Amelia worked on making birthday invitations to her party at Chuck-E-Cheese. She is inviting Katelyn and Ella for the celebration. Her card is hilarious and cute. That night I applied the protective coating to the cabinet doors.

Thursday Amelia got to share her travel journal (to Utah) with her class. Mrs Hamling was so impressed with her kid writing and drawings. She loves to journal now. Thursday evening we all went to Amelia's school for Art night. The kindergarten classrooms had music activities for the kids to try: making harmonicas, trying different instruments, musical bingo, and wii dancing. The first grade hall had art activities: bubble wrap art, water colors, thumb print art, and scratch art. All the kids were very interested in all the activities. The boys LOVED the instrument room. We saw a lot of friends from our ward. Phillip painted a very real looking dinosaur. Justin helped me reinstall the cabinet doors and clean the kitchen after the kids went to bed. It was quite a relief to have the kitchen back in order after two weeks of mess.

Friday the twins came over for a fun day while Deb worked. I actually got the basement, craft room included, cleaned up with four playing kids helping. We went outside for 20 minutes until it started to rain. I popped four wet kids into the van and met Justin up at McD for lunch. Cyd spent most of the day dressed up as a superhero. She cracks me up. I love how the kids just play and play without electronic entertainment.

Speaking of electronics, little Everett is a real stinker when it comes to my phone. He started acting up (throwing tantrums) when I would not give him my phone about 4 weeks ago. His behavior worsened while in Utah. I cannot even get my phone out to answer a call without him on the floor sobbing. Monday I removed all the "fun" stuff and reclaimed my phone. Did the tantrums stop? Nope. Got worse. He is totally banned from my phone now. I let him hold it yesterday and he called the same lady 20 times in a row, deleted three apps, messed with my calendar, and made a grocery list for me. Now he gets to sit in his crib when he starts up with that jazz. My dad and I had a conversation about technology and kids. They learn so early that technology is the only way to entertain. I struggle giving in to the easy way of parenting (turning on a movie or game) and being a real parent. There is a time and place for it all. Finding a healthy medium is a real challenge.

Little Brylee turned one this weekend. She is one of my baby planners so I finishing her photos through her first year. I got the studio set up with all the kids running around. Even had time to take some photos of Cyd and Ro before Brylee arrived. It was cra-zay with 7 kids running around. Poor Brylee had an ear infection, complete with drainage running out of her ear. I think they will come back sometime next week. Poor kid.

Saturday we drove to Sterling for a Home Depot trip. We found a new kitchen sink and got supplies to update the countertops. I think we will end up covering the backsplash with styrene tiles and special construction tape. Better than ripping it all out. I also found a fun new compost made from real decomposed fruits and veggies. Most compost is steer manure! Can't wait for warmer weather to roll in so I can get the garden planted...the forecast is calling for more snow this week. Bummer. Everett is taking steps to potty training. He loves to sit on the potty and stuff squares of paper into the bowl. Looks like we might make strides training both boys at the same time.