07 June 2012

To Grandma's We Go...

The kids and I made a trip up to visit Grandma Baerwaldt on Thursday. Libby, Mason, and Reagan were in school for the last full day on Thursday. They finished school Friday early afternoon. Amelia was really excited to visit Grandma. She was even more excited to learn the Grandma has a little baby now. Yep. Grandma has a baby. My cousin Sarah, her hubby, and little daughter Bailey are living with Grandma while BJ finds a new job. Grandma is enjoying the time with an energetic 9 month old baby. She is crawling and nearly walking. Everett had his eye on her! My kids loved playing with Bailey's fun toys. My Aunt Darcy, Sarah's mom, was visiting from Texas as well. We had a jolly time. I love visiting family so very much. Grandma gave me some awesome jello molds from who knows when. I will remember her each time we eat a fancy jello from those molds.

Sarah let me raid Bailey's extensive closet and put together some fun outfits for her photoshoot. Goodness, that little girl has about 50 outfits in each size. It was so hard to choose. We took some photos in Grandma's old chair out by the fence across the street. A friendly horse came to investigate the event! Then we went out to a couple locations until Bailey insisted we stop. She was utterly adorable. Can't wait to get home and edit them. Dumb laptop is too slow.

On our drive home Phillip started crying and carrying on. I stopped in Layton to check out his issue. He was wet from his pits down: culprit? Overflowed diaper. He had a fresh diaper on too. His clothes and car seat were completely soaked. Luckily (?) there was an Old Navy nearby. He walked into the store half naked, walked out stylin'. Toys R Us was next door so we went to find a fun toy Bailey had that Everett LOVED. Found it. We enjoyed our little break. Jumped back into the fray for more fun!



I have a love/hate relationship with sidewalk chalk. The idea is super cool but the result is messy. Amelia is in the pink phase of her art career. She colored a huge swatch of sidewalk pink, using 4 large pieces of chalk. It was so pink that footprints were all over the place too. Pink chalk covered little hands, toes, feet, legs, face, hair, clothing. Chalk also does not wash out very well. Still the joy and precious moments of concentration are worth ruined clothing. I think my kids look even more adorable covered in chalk dust! Waiting for the cousins to come home from school was torture most days. I pulled out my sewing machine (yep, I brought it) and made two personalized onesies, 4 baprons, fixed Amelia's skirt, and some baby headbands. I also finished some crochet projects. Can't wait to share the cuteness!!!