02 December 2012

Let the season begin...

Monday morning brought a day of rest. Mom showed me that Amelia's hair can hold curl now. She loves having her hair curled. It does look pretty darn cute. The boys and I lounged most of the day away. It was amazing. Monday for FHE we decorated the tree. That was so NOT fun. Phillip was dragging things out of the buckets when our backs were turned. Amelia was whining the entire time. Everett removed the ornaments as soon as they appeared on the tree. The discovery of the Little People Nativity saved the night. I imagined a nice quiet evening with Christmas music and smiles. Just imagine the opposite! They went to bed early.
Tuesday the boys and I left early in the morning to run some errands. We stopped by the Community Center 30 minutes before the toddler play time. The boys love playing with the basketballs and all the kids. One lady showed Phillip how to bounce his basketball. He imitated her stance and motions perfectly. I was in shock!
Wednesday I taught a studio lighting class to a couple photographers in town. We messed around with settings, lighting scenarios, and theory for two hours. I enjoyed meeting some talented ladies! For Webelos we visited the Community Center and talked about exercise and diet. Maren helped me talk with the boys. Teaching 9-10 year olds is like having a glimpse into my future.
Thursday the boys and I drove out to see the Betony family in Peetz. Brother Betony was in the hospital the week before with heart problems. I brought some toys for their newest family member, little Chrissy. They have 3 of their daughter's children living with them. It is hard for them but better then the situation in Arizona with their mom. Phillip loves Brother Betony! He always pals around with him. That afternoon I painted some trees on my sky blue backdrop paper for a photo session. Phillip found fabric paint and painted along with me, only painting Everett's shirt. My voice was hoarse from yelling. It was a perfect example of bad timing on my part. Next time, paint after bedtime.
Friday I had a cake smash session with a little baby from Sidney. She was quite spunky! The boys and I went to the park for the third time this week. I enjoy the outside time as much as they love it. Since my Christmas backdrop was all set up I took more photos of my kids in their outfits. We took the kids to see Santa at the tree lighting celebration downtown. Phillip ran up to Santa and said, "Santa! I Phillip!" He had to show Santa his shirt with Santa on it. Amelia did not want to wear glasses because she was afraid Santa would not recognize her. Everett wanted to run around the street chasing lights and dancing to music. He biffed it earning a nice spot of road rash on his forehead. It matched the nice burn on his cheek from my glue gun he pulled down onto himself that morning.
Saturday we spent most the day in Cheyenne doing some Christmas shopping. We had lunch at Chipotle. Then went to Target, Ross, TJ Maxx, and the mall. The mall had a super fun play area for the kids. They ran themselves ragged! Justin and I took turns looking around at the stores while the kids played. We walked with length of the mall, the kids adored the pet store. Phillip even got to hold a bunny. I enjoyed a run through Hobby Lobby. Christmas shopping is almost done! Hooray!

Nursery Legal


Everett is officially 18 months old! He turned legal for nursery on Monday. He is an old pro at nursery. I secretly think he wants to skip Sacrament meeting and go straight to nursery. I did not even bat an eyelash when we left him with the new nursery leaders. That was "easy."

Everett is running. It is seriously cute when he tries to run, more like a waddle with a shuffle to it. He talks all the time. You can catch a real word in about every 10 Everett words. He loves when I forget to put pants back on him. Getting that boy diapered and dressed is a real task. Everett absolutely loves Amelia. He loves to chase her around, loves her little games, and loves the way she leads him around. Phillip is a bit more unpredictable for him. He never knows whether Phillip will pat him or shove him about.

Everett still takes two naps a day, one from 10-12 and another at 2:45-4:30. He mostly sleeps through the night. He loves his two binkies and having a bottle of milk. Everett loves the park, especially the ducks at the park. He started dumping things into the toilet this week. He melted into tears when I reprimanded him. So different from Phillip's reaction at the same age. I wish there was a way to preserve in my mind the way my kids are all the time. I miss the moments as they rush by. I will especially miss Everett's baby hugs.