13 February 2012

Teething Woes

We have a household of crabby kids. Everett is teething (still) probably working on "those top two teeth" as Amelia says. Phillip can be constantly found with his fingers crammed in the back of his mouth nursing his 3 year old molars. Poor kid is miserable and whiny. Friday Amelia contracted a lovely cough and runny nose. She ran a high fever Saturday night into Sunday. Early, early Sunday morning she climbed into bed with me. She said, "Mom I can't sleep in my bed. My eyes only close when I snuggle you...in your bed." She was roasting hot and coughed into my neck most of the night. We stayed home from church with three crabby kids and two tired parents. It was nice to rotate between naps and snuggling kids on the couch. It snowed Friday night to Saturday; this time a nice quiet snow! Phillip decided he hates the snow so spent an hour crying in the garage while Mia and I shoveled the driveway. He finally settled down with a blanket and bowl of chippies in a camp chair. I had a photo session for one of our Nursery kids, Connor. He is one cute little guy. Check out his gallery here. I made the cute little lens buddy to capture a busy two year olds attention. It is almost like a decorated scrunchie. Amelia chose a cute kitten as my first creation.

Amelia enjoyed a fun morning with her preschool friends out at Zane's home. Christine had a fun Valentine's party. Amelia made all her Valentine cards this year with sparkly hearts and scrapbook paper. I tried to make rainbow jello hearts but my jello mold was stupid (not me) and the jello was too watery. I wasted an entire day trying to make them. Instead I decided to contribute the leftover jello I put into a bowl, it was also in rainbow pattern. When it unmolded the entire thing slopped all over. Stink! Since I still had jello powder I made ANOTHER one today with less water and more setting time. It turned out perfect...and yummy. Phillip really, really wanted a "fun-dip" candy after lunch. I gave him one and sent him into his room to read books with me. Amelia needed me so I plopped Everett down on the floor. Soon I heard a terrible screeching. I rushed back into the room to find Everett flapping his arms and his face turning purple...with rage. Phillip gave him a taste of the fun-dip. Then ate a couple bites in front of Everett. Then Phillip loaded up the dip stick and was waving it slowly in front of Everett's face. Everett was desperately trying to follow the stick and capture it with his mouth. I. ABOUT. DIED. LAUGHING. Everett ended up with a greenish blue mouth and a very happy grin. What a sugar lush.

Justin surprised me with an iPhone for Valentine's Day. My old phone was ready for a much needed upgrade and our contract allowed for an upgrade. The timing was fortuitous! I am really enjoying my new phone. The LDS scripture application is amazing. It links up with my study notes from LDS.com so I can take notes and mark up my phone scriptures and the same notes/marks show up online when I log in. I also must admit to loving the netflix app. I can watch an adult-level TV show and nurse the baby while Amelia watches a kid show. Tomorrow we have big plans to visit Justin and his ladies at work then have lunch at Pizza Hut. This will be the 3rd year of our little tradition.

I am very relieved my amazing brother Jeffrey finally found a job. He lost his job back in July with no unemployment benefits. Our family was really worried about him losing his apartment, truck, and such. Amelia prayed every day and night for Punkle Jeff to find a job. Ever since last week she's also thanked Heavenly Father for answering our prayers. Her faith spurns me to do better and be more grateful. Jeff, we are proud of you!