07 May 2010

Crash! Boom!

Amelia's favorite words this week are "Crash! Boom!" She says them ALL the time. Wednesday we had the chance to jump on our neighbor's trampoline. It was appropriate to laugh, scream, and giggle the words "Crash! Boom!" Phillip thought Amelia jumping was the funniest thing ever. We all had a great laugh. I forgot to mention in my last post that Amelia's favorite toy lately is a set of Russian Nesting dolls given to me many years ago. She loves how the dolls get tiny and adorable as she opens each doll. If you have a toddler and don't have nesting dolls, get a set! We love ours!


One cute new hat
second new hat
Both kids playing the piano together...I see a promising future of duets!
Chawing on a dandilion
I am having a spot of trouble remembering the past couple days. Phillip has croup, a nasty runny nose, and the usual goopy eye(s). His nights are not so comfy due to the croup. Last night was a little better as he was only awake between 2-4 am. Amelia also caught a cold and both kids are running fevers. This started on Wednesday. I am beat down tired now because my allergies are kicked up and the lack of sleep is catching up.

We were able to visit one of our ladies in Potter for Visiting Teaching. My companion and I plus kids all enjoyed a couple hours in Potter and getting lunch. The weather is sunny but very, very windy. Tuesday it was so windy that we did not go outside all day long. My plants are all covered against the wind and nightly frosts. Monday we acquired a new porch swing from a family a couple miles outside of town. Greg and Maleia were kind enough to pick it up for us in their big truck. While outside talking with them, Mia decided to poop in the tub, where the water was warm, and NOT cold. Talk about turds in the punch bowl. She is having issues going number two in the potty. This morning she regressed and peed her pannies three times. Grrrr. I think she was testing her boundaries. Ella turned three on Monday as well. Alison hosted a "purple princess party" for her. Amelia was so excited to bring her princess dress, shoes, necklace, and tiara that she had her backpack packed for three hours before it was time to leave. She pretty much wore her dress the remainder of the day.
Amelia basking in the morning sun on our new porch swing...nakers!
Mia had her 3 year old checkup with Dr Cutright on Wednesday. She is 27 lbs and 36.5 inches which puts her in the 10th percentile for weight and 40th percentile for height. The Dr said her weight was in line with her record but her height was abnormal. I think the nurse measured wrong because he said her height put her in the 90th percentile. I measured her again at home and got the 40th percentile. The Dr asked if we can understand 25% of her language...yep, more like 80-90%. The only milestone not reached is riding a tricycle because her legs are too short, I think she has the concept down. Phillip weighed 17.02 pounds on Friday when we went in for the mystery blood episode.

I planted 4 tomato plants yesterday and put "walls of water" around each plant. I hope the protection will help them grow longer. The growing season for tomatoes can be unpredictable here in Nebraska. I figure a two week head start won't hurt. My allergies are off the roof right now. Yesterday I gave our pine bushes a haircut, bad idea! I am highly allergic to pine. Other than that we had a pretty normal week. I did crocheted 5 hats this week for orders and a couple for the kids. Now I am on a crusade to organize Amelia's closet. The influx of dress up paraphernalia caused her closet to overflow. Not sure what the best solution would be. I am thinking a clothing hamper in the corner might work. Justin is whipping the dandilion invasion with his bare hands and poison spray. We are outside as much as possible.

Thanks to my cousin Jessica for the fun idea of Masking Tape Nature Bracelets! Instructions: one toddler, length of masking taped to wrist sticky side out, walk around the block! Stick interesting finds to the tape.

The gorgeous cherry blossoms!