07 August 2011

Going and going

Monday: tried to have a relaxed day. Miekka and I left Eagle Mt to visit the DI in West Valley around 9:30 am with the kiddos. Found some winter clothes for the kids. We had lunch at Cafe Rio! What Utah visit would not be complete without a visit to Cafe Rio?! Yum. Miekka, Courtenay, Phillip, Everett, and I went Hobby Lobby and Target after dinner. James stayed with the other kids. While in the Target parking lot Phillip said his first sentence: poopy diaper. Figured out Phillip is teething his molars after he kept sticking his hands halfway down his throat, ubers of boogers, crankiness, rashes, etc.

Tuesday: helped Miekka hang pictures and clean. Kids played on slip and slide. Took photos of Amy's, Marrisse's, and John & Courtenay's family...all in under 2 hours. Phew!! To get little Katrina to smile I pretended to be a beaver and took a bite out of a tree trunk and ate a rock. She was one hard cookie to crack.

Wednesday: Got up early to drive to Ogden for Grant's birthday celebration. Had to stop in Layton to feed hungry baby and go to Toys r Us. Enjoyed lunch and cuppy cakes with Grant and the Call family. Watched Rio, a cute animation about parrots from Rio De Janerio. We drove down to Bountiful and spent a few hours at Charity's home.

Thursday: spent the day with Grandma Debbie and Grandpa Lane. The kids played with hoses in the backyard in their underthings! Phillip followed Grandpa Lane around as he tried to organize the garage.

Friday: celebrated my 34th birthday. Decided to stay at Miekka's for the day so my crabby kids could have a break. Phillip napped from 9:45 until 2:10. Went to Walmart and Maurice's by myself. Miekka baked the entire morning making cookies and my birthday cake. Mom and Dad's things from Jordan arrived so their home was a flurry of boxes and unpacking. They made enough time and space to have a dinner and cake for me. Amelia and Lia put flowers in their hair like Princess Tangled. Justin got me a popcorn maker (whirly pop) like Miekka and Courtenay have. I also have a surprise waiting for me at home. Tired, but good day. Before we left Lia came into the front room with a round brush swirled in her hair. Amelia said she was a unicorn, a comb unicorn. Lia was not so happy but brave about the brush removal.

Saturday: Family gathered to witness Seth's baptism at 10:30 am. He was a sparking boy in his whites! John and Mary gave talks on baptism and the holy ghost, respectively. I led the music for the program. We retired to the Lance home for salads, rolls, limeade and cookies. I am so proud of Seth and his decision to be baptized and receive the Holy Ghost. I took a 2 hour nap, dead to this world. The kids and I spent a couple hours alone while the Lances ran errands.