04 October 2009

New Skillz: Smiling and Head Up

Oktoberfest Parade

One of the biggest events here in Sidney is Oktoberfest. It always falls on General Conference weekend. We decided to check it out Friday night so wrapped up the kids against the cold and braved the elements. The weather was windy and cold! Pretty much the sum total of Oktoberfest is a big tent full of loud local music and lotsa people downing pitchers of beer. The radio advertised ethnic food which turned out to be bratwurst and sauerkraut and carnival food. I could not help laughing! I forgot my camera so missed video taping Amelia shaking her booty on the tables.

Saturday morning we started watching General Conference then attended part of the Oktoberfest parade. The whole parade lasted 2 hours but we only watched about 45 minutes. It took Amelia a couple of times to realize that there was candy coming from the floats and cars. Once she caught on it was so funny to watch her collect candy. Amelia loved all the band music, each local high school band was in the parade (like about 10). She was a little scared by all the motorcycle section because of their loud motors. I caught a picture of her with her face all scrunched up. Phillip mostly just looked cute all bundled up in his blankets with only his eyes peeking through. Between sessions we worked on taping off all the wood trim for painting this week. Oktoberfest also boasts a fun car show and crafts fair. Justin watched the kids while I snuck out to see what the crafts fair was about. One lady was selling homemade clothing. She had a perfect blessing outfit for Phillip for only $20! That was a blessing. I brought dinner over to Alison's while the guys went to Priesthood session. She had two other guests plus kids over so it was crazy fun.

I worked on crocheting three hats and completing four cute outfits this week. Photos pending! Justin and I finally decided to just buy a new fridge, couch, love seat, mattress (for Mia), and prep table for the kitchen at the local furniture store. The store will match prices so there is some bargaining room. Plus we offered to pay cash and a whole lot of furniture so the store is willing to cut us a pretty good deal. I am excited to get it all into our new house. Tomorrow and Tuesday we need to finish priming and painting all the trim. Hopefully, then we can take a little rest before moving our furniture. Justin said he is going duck hunting this weekend so the big stuff may have to wait until next weekend. Other than that we are enjoying more interaction with Phillip. I uploaded a couple more videos of him and Amelia:
Blue Tongue

One Month Old

Kick Master