25 April 2009

I Two!!

We officially have a two year old! As I made a collage of the past year it seems unreal how much our little girl has grown. She started off the year barely able to crawl. Now she is running, talking, and playing. Her dimple is still strong and her smile is broad. All day Amelia's told us she is two and wants a birthday cake. She helped me pour the mix, add the ingredients, and pour the batter into a cupcake tin. She wanted two cuppy cakes like she has on her shirt. Grandma Debbie called and sang her "Happy Birthday" she looked everywhere for her birthday and couldn't find it! How cute is that? We love getting phone calls for Amelia. We put together her new little kitchen this morning. She is still playing hard three hours later. Love it!! Later on Ella is coming over for cuppy cakes and to help her open a couple more gifts.