15 December 2008

We Wish You A Merry Christmas

Yesterday seemed like Christmas to us with snow on the ground and a profound chill in the air. I was late for church because I decided last minute to make a matching skirt for Amelia's ornament shirt so she could wear it to church. Actually, I was late because my sewing machine botched a couple seams that I had to rip out and resew. Oh, well! The effort was definitely worth it. While we sat through the sacrament Amelia said Jesus, Bread, and Water. That was a fine moment for Justin and I. She melted during nursery so I stayed the last hour with her. Apparently, she cried like a banshee for 20 minutes. By the time we got home her mood was classic! I decided to capture some photos of her being sulky and cute. She learned how to pout, which steals my heart away.
We spent a fun evening addressing Christmas cards and watching White Christmas. Amelia is a very good artist. She holds her pen/pencil correctly like a little fourth grader. Her little bum has a nasty rash so we let her run amok with her onesie flaps open. She insisted on wearing her fuzzy hat and coat to boot. Makes me want to pinch her little bum (not hard mind you).