06 March 2011

The Swagger Wagon

Thursday...we came home driving our new VAN. I feel like we graduated kindergarten or something! The kids are in love with all the space and room. Mia and Phillip both chose their new spots in the van. Phillip tried out each and every button, switch, and lever for us. We purchased the van from a guy in our ward who works at the local car dealership. Between him and Justin they found the perfect set of wheels for us to grow into. The van is a 2008 Toyota Sienna with only 27,500 miles on it. Compared to my Camry at 55,000 and a year older! The heated seats are super fun. Even Justin's cooler taste in air temperature can't touch my warm buns now. Justin programmed our garage remote with a button in the van and even set up our phones to the bluetooth. Friday morning I took the kids over to Alison's home and received a call from Lia Lance through my van. It was really, really strange to talk on the phone, without my phone, driving down the road. Lia did some poops in the potty! Alison watched the kids for 6 hours. I went to Walmart and Safeway for some really good shopping deals. I also helped out Kelly Highby with a 3 mth old baby photoshoot. Check out the cute photo she took of a baby wearing the lion hat and diaper cover I made:

I sewed up some more skirts and pants for the kids this week. I am loving Mia's birthday skirt. I am waiting for some plain shirts to come in the mail so I can finish up the outfits. Amelia and Phillip inadvertently got new Easter outfits with the blue seeksucker fabric once I found a coordinating shirt at Target for Phillip. Yesterday I also made a cute bow tie for Phillip. A little silly but oh, so cute.

Justin had his work cut out for him cleaning out the Camry. Phillip really did a number on the carpet and seats. For fours years of usage and only minor cleaning Mia's side was not too shabby. Justin used the carpet cleaner and about 5 different products to gut out the back seat. It is amazing what carseats can hide!

Phillip loves to give "knuckles" now whenever someone offers. He also LOVES to give Alison kisses bye-bye and frantically wave bye-bye. It cracks me up to see him try to figure out if Alison is taking him or not. Mia also started playing a song on the piano with the same notes and rhythm. She can pick out the keys and such now without experimenting. I am nearly ready to start teaching her!