10 May 2009

Happy Mother's Day

I appreciate my mom so much! She is A-mazing! I am in utter awe of her ability to bear and raise 8 wonderful children. Even with only one child I am not sure how my mother survived. This year we celebrate Mother's Day with my Mom living in Amman Jordan. Last year she was in Washington DC. Giving gifts and things never seemed much of a focus in our family. I excused myself from Gospel Doctrine to call her before the time got too late to wish my mom a Happy Mother's Day. What an honor to have an elect lady to follow and emulate.

This year Justin honored me by getting me a washer and dryer. That is a perfect gift! We have our little Amelia and a baby on the way. Both are a blessing to me already. In church today I felt the spirit a couple of time very strongly. Once when I related my experience at the Madrid Temple dedication and during the RS lesson. The spirit testified of the importance of temples and unity, which are so important on Mother's Day. We can be eternal mothers because of our temple blessings and through our actions as mother's we can unify our families against the wiles of Satan.

I love getting pictures taken of Amelia and I! It is rare occurrence, so treasured when the chance comes up. Justin took a couple this morning and Alison came over this afternoon and took a couple more. We had a rainy day which made for a rich backdrop against our blooming tree. It smells magnificent and looks deliciously similar to a popcorn tree. Hooray for cute green dresses and a fun day.

Sidewalk Slurper

Yesterday Justin went turkey hunting with Matt (Alison's husband). The guys got up at 2:30 am and drove about 3 hours north. They wanted to see the turkeys roosting at dawn. I was amazed they actually got up and left that early. I did not hear anything from Justin until he crept in to bed after 11 pm. I was under the impression the guys would be back before dark, since it is hard to shoot a turkey in the dark. I guess they tracked a turkey for a while, even getting the bird to answer back a couple times when they called. For 20 hours of work and no pay back it seemed like a useless trip to me. BUT...I am not a guy so don't appreciate the intricies of hunting. I guess 20 hours of hiking and waiting is "FUN."

Amelia and I cleaned out the closest for our new washer and dryer. It won't be here for another week but I am hoping they will deliver early. It is fun to dream. We went to the Post Office to mail some orders from my new shop!! Yipee! Before nap time I planted two tomato plants. One a tomato patio plant in a planter and the other I am experimenting with the "topsy turvy" planter and a celebrity brand tomato plant. While I watered the plants some of the water collected on the sidewalk. Amelia immediately turned bottoms-up and slurped the water from the ground. Some ground up chalk made an impression on her forehead. Her smile was so funny that I grabbed my camera. She loves to see pictures of herself with silly marks on her face. After naps we played at the park for almost 90 minutes. Then we went to get some dinner at KFC. I waited to get ice cream for when Justin came home...he never did get home in time. Mother's Day ice cream at Dairy Queen is tradition. Little stinker. He owes me a dipped cone. At home I watched a chick flick about two bride-zillas. It was okay. Amelia and I played playdough while I watched my movie. Then I gave her a bath and put her to bed. About this time I finally had some downtime to prepare my RS lesson. The topic seemed a little strange and maybe even ironic, especially for Mother's Day: Responding to Persecution with Faith and Courage. After my lesson I finished reading Ink Death by Cornelia Funke, the ending book to the Inkheart series. Pretty good!!