31 October 2010

Halloween Carnival and Trunk or Treat

Did you catch the "myrtle the fyrtle turtle" face on Amelia in the collage above? Crack me up!

I am still tired after yesterday! Phew-ey! I was able to photograph the cutest little newborn girl yesterday morning. She only weighed 5 pounds something. She let me play with her for two whole hours! I think she slept over half that time no problem. I am itching to show you the photos from that shoot. Right after the shoot the kids and I went over to the church to help decorate for our Primary activity. We planned to have each auxiliary man a booth/activity (fishing, apple bobbing, face painting, marshmallow guns, balloon animals, cake walk, a hay ride and racing cars). Becky (the president) showed up super early Saturday morning and had most of it set up by herself. The little stinker! With a couple extra hands we had the place decorated by 4 pm. It was pretty cool!

Once the kids arrived we were all busy keeping the activities under control and the kids amused. I took a moment to go on a hayride with the kids. Phillip found a blue ring pop, which he now wants to substitute for his normal binky. Amelia and Ella were cracking me up with their silly antics. Justin was busy manning the marshmallow gun activity. After the kids went through each activity several times we set out chili, hot dogs, and chips for dinner. Then the adults ran outside to get their trunks decorated or opened for the trunk or treat. I don't like Halloween much. Dressing up the kids is fun but me? the house? Nah! I guess we are sorta boring. I did wear my pumpkin earrings. LOL. By the time we cleaned up it was nearly 8 and time for bed. Justin manned the mondo-sized vacuum during the clean up. He said he'd vacuum our house if we had a vacuum like that...I may need to invest in one of those babies. Amelia has no idea that she missed trick or treating today. Yesterday was our Halloween, perfect for our little ones.

Now we are in the throes of practicing for the Primary Program. It was chaos, less than last week but still chaos. Our program is on the 14th of November. Next week we can practice in the chapel for the duration of classes, which will help lessen the confusion. Phillip was so tired he actually fell asleep in my arms during the practice. He looks so innocent when asleep. Watch out for that curious, determined look. I love how he says, "MOM, mamama!" I called him a stinker yesterday after the sugar and water incident. He proceeded to call himself a stinker, quite clearly. Here comes the mimicking stage. Hooray!


Phillip enjoyed a couple bites of spaghetti for lunch. Then he gave himself a facial and hair treatment. I caught him saying, "uh-ohhhh!" I ran into the diningroom to find this sight....

Halloween at Cabela's

Each Halloween Cabela's throws a pretty big party for the kid's of their employees. Amelia hardly slept this entire week out of sheer excitement over Halloween. She spent Thursday night in a lot of discomfort due to pain or itching down south. I was completely flummoxed over possible answers because she did not have any other symptoms. We snuggled until 3 am when she finally fell into a deep sleep. The next day nothing was wrong. I took the kids out to breakfast to say goodbye to a friend moving to Kemmerer, WY. Amelia was too excited to take a nap so after lunch we dolled her up for the Cabela's party.

I must say, that spray-on hair color is nasty stuff. I used it to dye her hair red, the rest of the bathroom also got a good coating of red dye. After the party I had to wipe down the entire bathroom, walls, floor, ceiling, everything. Yuck! Then the spray flaked off and coated her costume with red dust. Never using that vile stuff again. Phillip went as a very cute monkey. He is a monkey lately! That kid climbs up on everything. Yesterday I found him on the table pouring sugar and water over the table, chairs, floor, and himself. He is a regular curious George.

Justin met us in the parking lot at his "work house." The HR division did an excellent job planning and hosting the event. Amelia talked and talked to anyone with an ear about her costume. She waggled her eyelashes and did funny little poses for the folks. Each division was in charge of decorating a room to pass out candy and treats in. Our favorite was the CandyLand room. Justin took us upstairs to show off the kids to his coworkers. Then back downstairs for cookies, juice, and a fun photo. Amelia was super excited to have a strawberry purse full of candy and toys. Phillip was not so sure about all the commotion. He sucked on a lollipop ending up a super sticky, kissable mess.