27 February 2013



Pudding Paint

I forgot to blog on Sunday. Geepers. I must be pregnant, snort. A little catch up:
Monday: Ella came over to play all day since both girls had a holiday. They played non-stop all day. We took the kids to Mcd (our usual haunt) for a special treat. After lunch Miss Katelyn came over to play as well. Amelia knows Miss Katelyn from dance and Kindergarten. They are funny girls! The girls and Phillip enjoyed a fun tea party, dressing up, playing house, and trains. I inherited a Thomas the train train track and table from a gal in my ward. It is pretty awesome. Phillip likes it because there is no controller and Everett can snap the pieces together. We often set up both tracks and enjoy a train day.
Wednesday: Went for my first prenatal appointment. Dr Shaw could not find a heartbeat so she sent me down to ultrasound just to make sure there is a baby growing. Yep! There is a baby. Duh?! I am so nauseous and sick I could tell you that. I hate the first questionnaire because you have to remember all the details. I cannot remember my newborn's weights. Blush. I got Amelia's right but totally flubbed Phillip and Everett.
Friday: Enjoyed a date to Dude's Steak House with Justin. The kids went to play with Romain and Cydahlee. Heaven.
Saturday: Let the kids paint with pudding on some discarded backdrop paper. Put down a plastic drop, the paper, and gave the kids bowls of pudding. They painted and skated for a good hour. I had to carry Amelia to the bathtub because she refused to stop licking the paper. Everett is super cranky. He is getting his bottom molars this week. We were doing so well keeping his binkies in bed. This week he was so whiny I let him keep the darn things more often then not. I could not take his constant crying and piteous whining.
Sunday: Tried to cook up some leftover black-eyed peas on the stove. Ended up forgetting about the pan when we left to have dessert with the Wood family. Came home to a house filled with billowing smoke and a stench that made our home smell like a bar from Hell. It still reeks but the smell is slowly leaving. Justin and I sprayed three bottles of Febreeze around the house, used the whole house fan during the winter, and Justin washed the kitchen walls and linens (good job hun). Man, I feel like a heel for forgetting.
Monday: Spent the most nauseous day of my life per bean smoke house. Still feeling dumb about the entire situation. Took Everett to the Dr because he kept wiggling his nose like something was stuck up his right nostril. Dr Shaw could not see anything up there. No ear infections or other obvious ailments. Just cranky and clingy. He was up until 4:30 am the night before just crying all night. Poor kid.
Tuesday: noticed how pretty the field was covered in snow and collected frozen water. Took some photos of Mia to capture the beauty of two favorite things. Helped decorate for the Blue and Gold banquet. We are doing a Luau! Should be lots of fun. All my boys earned their Webelo badges! Hooray! Enjoyed having the Sister Missionaries over for dinner. I made French Dip sandwiches with salad. Took some dinner over the Kelly too. Her daughter, Stella was in the hospital for 6 days with RSV. She is getting better but the steroids make the poor baby cranky and angry.

20 February 2013

New "Genes"


It is official! We are expecting number four around the 3rd of September. Hooray!!! I am about 12 weeks along today. I had my first prenatal visit today. Ended up getting an ultrasound because the Dr could not find a heartbeat. It was comforting to see the little bean wiggling around and doing just fine. We told the kids today as well. Amelia was so excited! I told her about morning sickness, all the "sickness" finally made sense to her. She is very excited. She wants to name a girl Victoria and a boy Justin. Yesterday we took the above photos of the kids. I guess we keep it real around here. The one nice photo is actually a composite of three photos (of course). The captures of Phillip and Everett is so real. Phillip is constantly pestering Everett somehow and crying because of his attentions. Phillip is totally oblivious to Everett's anguish. Yes, Phillip also has tasty feet, he also licks the bottoms of his shoes. We do not need a dog for a very long while.

Some insights of the First Trimester:
"humm, this still tastes good"
Phillip spitting in the sink while I barf in the toilet
Getting Influenza and having Morning Sickness is not fun at all
Amelia: Mom is running again, oh man, she only made it to the sink. Gross.
Craving green olives all the time
Walking into stinky Safeway (with a shopping bag just in case) and using it within the first two seconds. It smells like moth balls and old fried chicken.
Phillip: mom, go take a nap, I watch TV (dang it, I get so tired)
Not being able to take a full drink of water for 2 months is so stinky. I had to drink flavored water by the sip fulls.
My throat bleeding from barfing so much
Taking both Zofran and Phenegren only to have the nausea at bay, only barfing 4-5 times a day instead of 10-15.
Having a total aversion to Coke now, my first bout of nausea was after drinking a Coca-cola. Blessing and curse at the same time!

If I could skip the first trimester I would. It totally stinks. Though the past two months as I endured the harder parts I remember the two miscarriages and tried to be grateful for being sick. Sickness was a good indicator that finally we were blessed with a sticky baby. We are so excited to add number four to our party. I wish we could keep adding more kids. My poor body is tired and I am not sure how many more I can endure. For now this is our last little one. I might HAVE to take up newborn photography just to get a baby fix.

17 February 2013

Pizza Tradition

Amelia had Friday and will enjoy Monday off from school. Each year we visit Justin on Valentine's Day and shower him with treats and such. We decided to visit the day after since Amelia was not in school. The logistics worked out better. When we walked into the lobby Phillip raised his arms and waved salutation to a group of ladies standing at the balcony. He shouted, "Welcome home!" The kids get so excited to visit Justin at work. Everett used the cubicle aisles like a plane runway, running races and taking off on tangents. Phillip handed out high fives and knuckles. Amelia talked with the ladies telling them about school. We converged into Justin's office where Phillip commandeered Justin's office chair, picked up the phone, and punched sums into the 10 key. He looked quite at home! The kids were excited to leave with a strip of calculator paper and a name label stuck to their clothes. We had lunch at Pizza Hut. Yum!

Yesterday I finally reached my saturation level for tolerance of our dirty van. The boys do quite a sticky, messy number on my poor van. It took me three hours to scrub, wipe, vacuum, and clean the carpets. It is tolerable once again...for a couple days. I cannot believe how quickly it gets gummed up. Makes cleaning feel like a full-time, never-ending chore. If I clean the basement the upstairs is a disaster. If I clean the kitchen the bathroom and living room are a disaster. Guess those kids are busy making messes and memories. I made sushi for dinner. It was delish!! We had a vegetable roll, Alaska roll, and crab/tiger sauce roll. Now that we have supplies for sushi we will enjoy it more often. Hooray.

Valentine's Day 2013

Tuesday: the boys were glad to be back at the gym for basketball after missing two weeks.
Wednesday: enjoyed a fun storytime reading a cute Biscuit the Dog book with Ms Nightingale.

We had a really fun Valentine's Day. Valentine's Day is much more fun once you learn that it is more about sharing "I Love You" with those closest to you. I enjoyed making Valentine's Day a bit more special for my little family. The kids woke up to a fun table filled with candy and bubbles. The boys and I took Mia to school so I could drop off cute little juice boxes for the class party. We stopped for Valentine doughnuts after dropping her off. We blew thousands of bubbles in the garage since it was too WINDY and cold outside. Everett says bubbles so sweetly that I could listen to him say the word 100 times. Phillip helped me make an apple pie from scratch for our evening snack. Amelia skipped home from the bus lugging her Valentine box stuffed full of cards and candy. She was in 7th heaven. Justin came home sporting a gorgeous bouquet of yellow roses for me. He had to make a run to Safeway for onions, he came back with a pink bouquet of carnations for Amelia. She was over the top excited. She barely sputtered out a thank-you! So adorable. Good one Justin! Justin cooked up two huge steaks. I made juice, salad, sharp cheddar cheese asparagus, and yam fries. Amelia set up the table and spent and hour decorating it with the boys redecorating after her. We enjoyed apple pie by candle light for dessert. Then we had a fun time watching the kids go nuts running around and dancing until bedtime. Our digital piano plays a select number of demo songs. The kids love the organ song, a skippy number that they all sing an off-key note at the end with arms extended. Sort of reminds me when my siblings and I would perform "Have I Done Any Good."


My Game Boy

Most folks know a Gameboy as a handheld gaming device. We have a Game Boy...named Phillip. This kid absolutely LOVES board games and puzzles. About three times a day he begs me to "play game?". How can I resist that? His favorites games are Animal Sequence, Connect Four, and Zingo. Phillip makes up his own rules for the games. I try to teach him how to play correctly but he has other ideas. Now I just enjoy and follow his lead. His current favorite way to play sequence is to put chips on one entire side of the board, make the animal sounds, and say the complete animal name (like Alice the Aligator). He has a surprisingly long attention span for some things like games, reading books, and watching his favorite shows. That gives me hope he will be okay when he matures! In the last photo Amelia is telling me that "Moooooom, Phillip stiiiiiiinks....ewwwww!"

Making Valentines

Monday evening Justin and I had the same idea for a FHE lesson. I had a major headache so was relieved he came up with a spiritual lesson. I took the coloring portion of his lesson and made it a bit more elaborate. We each made a Valentine for someone in our family. Phillip used a quarter bottle of glue and glitter on his heart. Amelia declared my Valentine needed some pizzazz. Everett mostly enjoyed coloring with marker around his spot at the table and eating the markers. It was great fun! Earlier that day the kids ate an entire gigantic bowl of grape snow ice. They both looked like grape vampires. Crack me up! Amelia wanted to play in the snow and throw snowballs at Phillip. Phillip was not so gracious with the snow throwing. The kids ended up in a huge tangled mess as they sorted their difference of opinions. I think Phillip won since Amelia is a wimp.

14 February 2013

Happy Valentine's Day

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