02 September 2009

Dear to my heart

I am a library fanatic! Amelia and I visit the library at least 2-3 times per week. If we don't show the library ladies get worried. There is a fun toy corner that Amelia and Ella love to play at. There are fun blocks, ball toys, puzzles, and an interactive "front door" toy. This morning I just finished painting Mia's fingers and toes. She totally insisted she needed new pretty princess nails before wearing her skirt. Allison showed up unannounced on my doorstep and took Amelia to the library. I about cried! It was so awesome to have Phillip sleeping and Mia playing. I actually got the house somewhat cleaned, laundry half completed, the dishes washed, and the clutter corraled. It is amazing what can be accomplished in an hour when distractions are minimized. Allison took some cute pics of the girls enjoying the library.
I took Mia and Phillip to Justin's work for a fun outing. All the ladies crooned over his little tininess and Mia kept the ladies rolling with her dialouge. For an extra treat we visited the hamburger store for lunch with Daddy in tow. We still had 10 minutes before the next scheduled feeding so we visited "Annie and Susan" our real estate ladies. Amelia LOVES these two ladies, probably because they stuff her pockets with candy.

Thank you, thank you Allison! I needed some "ME" time...

PS: Phillip has a nickname of Snuffy or Snuffaluffagus due to his constant snuffy noises!! I LOVE IT!!

Practicing Baby Art

Some Firsts

We had a family activity involving Phillip's first bath on Monday. He actually cried!! Guess he is a comforts man...no complaints when he is comfy otherwise watch out. Mia helped wash his hair while Justin manned the camera(s). The bath wore the poor baby out...I don't think he really woke up until Tuesday morning! Mia was not impressed when Phillip pooped on the towel, of course he pooped after being cleaned and dried.

Mia is loving her new status as big sister. She gathered all her Mimi's together and snuggled Phillip in his chair with them. Justin captured the moment since I was napping at the time. His boss provided a gift for both Amelia and Phillip yesterday. Amelia got another dolly, this one with a paci, diapers, bottle, and teddy. She immediately started to breast feed the new dolly, burp it, and put a new diaper on. I about died laughing! She is so observant. The other morning she wanted to drink some milk from Mommy's boobie. I was frantically trying to come up with a good excuse. I told her my milk was not chocolate milk...that did the trick.

Our first Dr appt was yesterday. Phillip now weighs 8lbs 5 oz and grew an inch (or can now stretch an inch). He has excellent reflexes and pleased the Dr with his strength and alertness. His umbilical cord stump and circumcision ring fell off about the same time Tuesday morning. He has a pretty cute belly button now. After our appointment we attempted out first Walmart trip. Justin definitely went with me. It worked out fine with Justin there to corral Amelia. I was exhausted afterwards!

I sent Justin back to work on Tuesday. Once I rediscovered the magical properties of heat and ice my recovery sped up phenomenally. I am so excited to be back on my feet and able to get up and down all by myself. We had an awesome day at home. Having two kids is enjoyable at this point in time.