20 March 2016

One Month Old

So sweet and perfect. Our little Josie is just an angel baby. At the Children's hospital she weighed in at 9lbs3oz, 21.5 inches. She grew quite a bit in between her two week appointment and her first month marker...like gained an entire pound and grew an inch. At one month she suddenly popped right out of newborn size, the 3 month sizes are just a bit large in the legs and swallow her a bit.

She continues to eat every 3-4 hours and naps like a champ. Nights are almost the same, 1-2 nursing sessions in my bed. She makes quite the mess at the night feedings, half the time I have to sit up to nurse because she gets saturated with milk. Josie sounds a lot like Phillip did, which makes us think she also has the laryngomalacia Phillip was born with. She snores! It is pretty cute! I got a dedicated sound machine to put under her bed so I could sleep.

Right at 5 weeks old Josie started to wake up a bit. She stared at us and made eye contact starting last Sunday. We could see her try hard to smile but just couldn't. A spare 3 days later she was making eye contact and smiling. We love her body smiles! I just adore when she is curled up on my chest while carrying her around. She loves the Moby Wrap and can be found tightly tucked into it most evenings from 5-8 pm. The evenings are the hardest time of day. She won't settle down to nap alone but prefers to be held. She exercises from 8:50 until 9:30 while we put the older kids to bed. We enjoy watching her learn to coordinate her movements as she cries.

The kids of course adore any chance they get to hold her. Amelia and Phillip love to tote her around and dance with her. Everett finally held her for the second time since birth last week. He was uncertain how he felt about holding her. Soon he warmed up and enjoyed her snuggles.

We finally heard back from the neurologist, her EEG came back normal! Yay! Good news indeed.

**at her 6 week appointment 3/21/16 she weighed 9lbs 7.5oz, measured 21.85 inches