21 September 2008

Corn on the Cob

Miss Independence

This week it seems Amelia turned into an independent toddler. Her favorite outside game is to blow me kisses, toddle back for a real kiss, then says bye-bye, and she is off to get the mail. Getting the mail is the best game ever. She even knows which box is ours! I love the snotty kisses she gives me!

She is also trying to run. Her knees are pretty banged up from her legs getting tangled and toppling over on the cement. Every time she falls I hear her mutter, "boom, up up". Love it. Inside the house her newest toy is a stick we keep on the track for the sliding door. It is nearly as tall as she! I love to watch her drag that stick all over the main floor dancing as she walks.

Amelia has another case of the sniffles. It seems this time it might be due to her fourth bottom tooth cutting through. She is not very comfortable so naps and night sleep are out the window. Her newest favorite food is corn on the cob. Watching her eat corn on the cob is pretty funny. I attached a short video as proof. LOL