26 December 2010

Merry Christmas 2010

We enjoyed a wonderful Christmas day. Phillip woke up at 7, crying and screaming with out his binky. We woke up Amelia soon after. She cried a little at first saying Santa forgot to come...then she noticed her bulging stocking. Justin helped her open the stocking stuff while I light candles and got the Christmas magic going. The first thing she noticed were the many balloons stuffed into the tree. When Santa visited the Bruce Call kids he left balloons. Phillip pulled the balloons he could reach first thing. After a couple minutes Amelia spotted her purple unicorn pillow pet under the tree. She immediately plopped down and snuggled it. The dang thing is pretty cute! Phillip watched us rip open a few gifts then proceeded to enjoy his gifts. I love his little expressions, he loved the fire truck from the Call grandparents. After that he got a little overwhelmed. Justin was helping the kids rush through their gifts awfully fast. I was thinking, "geepers, what is the hurry man?!" There were only a few gifts left when he popped up and said Santa left me a present in the trunk of his car. Well, my thoughtful husband got me a monolight/strobe set for Christmas. I saved my pennies for six months and ended up spending it all on a new computer out of necessity. He got the kit back in November. He surprised me to the point of losing my words and silly quips. Wow! Spoiled! He definitely made the best spouse of the year.

Justin made traditional sausages and non-traditional eggs for breakfast. After eating we told Amelia that we had a present so big we could not wrap it down in the basement. I tied a blindfold around her head and lead her into the craft room. She was turned around facing the bed when the blindfold came off. Her expression said, wow, your room is clean for once...MOM. Once turned around she was sort of stunned into silence not really comprehending what she looked at. Then we told her to open the door to her new house, it was all over then. Both kids ran in and out, around and through the little space. She was delighted with the jewels in the mailbox, her babies, and the kitchen. Phillip was delighted peeking out the windows and opening the door. I still have plans to built an awning over the door for some dimension and a couple decorations inside the house. For amateurs Justin and I did a great job! Check this link for playhouse photos.

We all got a nice nap, ate snacky foods, stayed in our comfy clothes, and watched too many movies. Amelia and I went to the park for a spell and took her pillow pet outside so she could "lay on my pillow pet in the grass and watch the clouds." The temperature was nearly 55 degrees outside with clear, sunny skies. Justin helped me make egg rolls and hot & sour soup for dinner. I played with my new light using Amelia and her pillow pet for subjects. Strobe lighting is an entire new beast to learn about and discover! So excited! Our evening turned a little sketchy at bedtime. All the excitement of the day caught up with Amelia and she melted diva style. She finally calmed down enough to get some snuggles. She told me the following:
            Mom, my heart is broken because my binkies went to the baby elves. Do you think we can go to the
            North Pole and get them. Phillip's heart is broken too because he likes to suck on binkies. He needs
            his binkies because he is little. Oh, my heart is soooo sad. I don't like sucking on plastic toy bandaids,
            thumbs, or fingers, just binkies. I then suggested we say a prayer that HF and Jesus would help her
            heart feel happy again. She prayed that Jesus would bring her back her binkies and give the baby
            elves new binkies from Walmart.
It was unbelievably hard to hear her describe the way her heart was feeling. I actually had wet eyes after doing my best to comfort her. The rest of the night was not so fun, nothing out of the ordinary. Phillip had another rough night, but not so bad as the previous night. He has the hardest time waking up happy for the time being.

Just a note: I finally weaned Phillip down to one long afternoon nap. Our mornings are still a little rocky but getting better as he sleeps longer in the morning and at his nap. Once this new baby comes we will have naps under control and no binkies to pass around, just the new baby's binky.