01 September 2012

First Steps

Hooray for Everett!!! He took his first steps Thursday evening out in the yard. I wanted to get some better photos of him standing. Just this week he mastered the skill of standing and balancing. I found him standing up in his crib clutching two binkies on Tuesday morning. He had a look of amazement that seemed utterly baffling to him. He was so proud to finally stand alone...with two binkies. Since then he babbles, "again" over and over as I help him stand and balance. By Wednesday he was standing and balancing off furniture and toys. I am beyond ecstatic that his very first unassisted steps are recorded camera style. I will try and upload a video too. He is a funny little squirrel! We all love his chatter. In the last few weeks his vocabulary expanded. Here are some of the sentences/words he says:

Thank you
Get down
All done
One, two, ten
I did it
I can't (he hears it enough from big sister)
Candy (what? Dude, um, Phillip taught him that)

He started throwing mini tantrums last week. It is quite funny and really difficult not to laugh when he throws a fit. He starts to cry, then collapses on the carpet, groveling his face and boogers into the floor. Hil-ar-ious to the maximus. He also discovered he can scoot while sitting on a baking sheet. I love the looks of joy and accomplishment kids get when they discover something new. Makes motherhood that much sweeter. 

Phillip snuck a bottle of BLACK fabric paint into the play house while I worked on a couple projects. He was supposed to be playing with the pretend food and the babies. He somehow opened the paint tote, got the largest bottle, probably stuck it into his pants so I would not see, and proceeded to paint the walls, his clothing, the floor, bumbo tray, and my metal doll bed. Grrrr. Makes me mad when he gets sneaky like that. 

Buzz Bike

Justin and I decided Phillip was ready for a big boy bike this year. He loves to ride Amelia's as often as he can sneak in a ride. Amelia is not interested in her bike that much. She did not even get her bike until she turned 4. Boys are most certainly more physically active! Phillip was so excited to discover his birthday present sitting outside. He hopped right on and pedaled around the block a couple of times. He even crashed a couple times trying to turn the bike too tightly. Love this kid! He keeps me chuckling most of the time.