21 November 2008

Amelia's Dancing Moves

Double Whammy

Amelia did not sleep well last night. She kept digging in her ears and seemed to be unable to lie prone due to pain. Just as expected she ended up having two ear infections. The doctor threw a curve ball when she told me Amelia also had Hand-Foot-Mouth disease, contracted through some one's infected saliva or mucus. Due to incubation period she probably contracted it during Nursery on Sunday. I was really worried about the other kids we came in contact with throughout the week, especially little Lia and Amelia's friend Kate. I am not sure she actually has the HFM disease since she never ran a fever or exhibited a rash, the only sign were sores on the back of her mouth. At least that explained her reluctance to eat or drink the past two days. Poor thing! Still she is a pretty happy camper during the day.

One more thing: Amelia learned to twirl! How fun is that?

Yesterday Amelia and I went to Charity's home to photograph both her preschool classes, a total of 13 kids. Amelia had a blast during singing time and playing with all the toys and bigger kids. She kept checking to make sure I was around! I love how each child has a completely different personality. Fun times.

Amelia's New Toy

Pushing the stroller

Pointing to the SKY!

Going to the park with Mommy and our strollers

Yesterday I found a little dolly stroller for Amelia at Kid to Kid. She immediately wrapped up her Mimi in a blanket and stuffed her into the stroller. She was so funny pushing that stroller around with a string of beads around her neck. Every few steps she'd stop run around to the front of the stroller and give Mimi a kiss. At while later she noticed the sky and clouds so threw up both hands and pointed out the clouds, yelling "da sky, mommy!" One of our daily highlights is walking to the mailbox to get the mail. She holds the key and walks down the sidewalk chuckling to herself. This time she put the key in Mimi's hand when we walked to the mailbox. We kept walking to the park to play on the swings. Our little girl is so amazing!