23 August 2015

Where da Guys? Mama?!

Monday morning came, by 7:45 am Evelyn and I were staring at each other wondering what to do. All the older kids were gone getting educated. Phillip started his first full day of school with Mrs Hammond. Everett charged into the Learning Korner owning the place. He knew exactly what to do (at least in his little mind). It was very strange not to have the older kids around. I took some quick head shots for Rose Bowcutt, exercised (gasp), cleaned, and played with Evelyn. Everett was so cute before he left. I took him out to snap a couple first day photos. He posed then asked, "Mom, am I doing the best job ever?" Oh gosh, melt me. He loves his Paw Patrol backpack. I asked him what he wanted to be when he grew up and he sang me his "triangle, rectangle, circle, oval, square song." I wonder what his answer will be later on this year.

The rest of the week was relatively calm. I worked on editing a bunch of sessions I racked up the past week, including Phillip and Evelyn's birthday sessions. Justin watched the kids while I went to a chalk painting for furniture class. I painted a cute prop high chair for my studio. I whipped out a Luke Skywalker shirt for Phillip's birthday. He was very specific and spent at least 20 minutes choosing a character design he wanted me to make. It looks pretty radical! Now we are in the process of planning his birthday party. I ordered birthday gifts for both kids and some party supplies. I am trying to throw a cool...and cheap party. Jessica Christian I have major party envy, she threw a girl Star Wars party for Sadie's 7th birthday. The coolest ever. I enjoyed shopping with just Evelyn at Walmart for supplies to make homemade laundry soap. This is the 3rd batch I've made. Not too sure it is really cost effective but I feel industrious making it. One batch lasts about 4.5 months, not too shabby for a household of 6. Last week I ordered more supplies to make bento lunches for the kids. It is a system of making healthy and fun cold lunches for school. The kids can make their own lunches the night before, which is a real plus.

Everett slept in until 10 am on Tuesday. He napped with me everyday he had preschool. He's acted pretty tired the entire week. That kid loves his sleep. In fact, all the kids are pretty grouchy this week. Starting school and waking up early is always a hard transition.

Justin was gone Thursday and Friday to Ohio for work. Sounds like the flight was long and drawn out with a connection flight down south. I had an impromptu newborn session on Thursday. I had two other 3-month olds come over last moment for milestone sessions, may as well cram it all in when the studio is set up. Rose brought over a large bouquet of sunflowers as a thank you. We really love the spash of sunshine the flowers bring in.  I enjoyed reading Little House on the Prairie to Amelia out in the lawn Thursday evening. Evelyn flopped all over us while we were on the grass. The boys played in the yard while we read. I pulled out a couple huge beets for dinner. Everett misheard me say beets, he exclaimed over how yummy the "beeps" were and could he have more "beeps." We all chuckled over his mispronunciation. Friday for lunch I met my friend Sheena for lunch at Oya with Everett and Evelyn. We had fun catching up. After dinner I packed the kid's bikes into the van for a fun evening at the park. Evelyn was totally delighted about throwing sticks into the pond and chasing the ducks.  The sunset was spectacular with all the smoke haze in the sky from wildfires in the north-west of America right now. The weather seemed to take a pretty drastic turn much earlier in the season. I am waiting with baited breath for a long, hard winter. Darn it.

Evelyn continues to rip off her diapers and refuse to sit on the potty. I resorted to using M&Ms as a bribe. One day she will have some luck and get it. Seems like she will be the earliest potty trained kid. That will be nice to keep only one in diapers. She is using more and more words the past few weeks. Monday morning she stood by the window yelling everyone's names: "Daddy, where are you? Mia, Phillip, Everett? Where the guys, mama?"