25 April 2018

Amelia is 11

This sweet girl is such an amazing daughter. We are so blessed to have her as our oldest. She is smart, dependable, gorgeous, and funny. She is magically 80% unicorn as well. Some days I swear she has a shimmering shadow of a horn on her head. Rainbows and magic follow this girl all the time. Amelia is an A+ student. She earned so many awards the past school year, even more impressive at a brand-new school. She makes friends easily and is kind to the under dog at school. Amelia wants to be an "I don't know" when she grows up. Personally, I think she might turn into a Greek Myth one day if she is not more careful. She is a voracious reader, part of her Greek Myth problem. On the other hand she is quite the swimmer, half mermaid to the unicorn. Lately, she is babysitting for me more and more, sometimes for money if the occasion is special. Amelia has a kind space in her heart for dog vader, she was so distraught when he ran away.

Mia weighed 83 lbs (50.5%)at her well-child on 23 May 2018. She measured 55 inches (25.5%) tall. She is going through puberty right now, developing in all the right places. That is strange to think about for Justin. I notice the most changes in her face and cute little figure. Along with hormonal changes we are getting the mood swings! She hates cleaning up and loves to throw her anger about like a sledge hammer. After her tantrum she'll often pitch in, just has to say her say before helping out.