20 April 2008

It seems like most of the week was spent running errands. I dislike weeks like that! Amelia and I went to Walmart (a couple times), Toys r us, the library, Burlington Coat Factory, Roberts Crafts (twice), Carters, Office Depot, REI, DWS Shoes, Deseret Book, etc. The bottom line is we have food to eat, presents for Amelia's birthday, and a bag & binder for Justin.

Last Sunday night, the weather man forecasted a warm & windy Monday. I called up Mom and suggested a kite flying and picnic FHE. The weather man actually delivered! It was really windy. Seth and Jacobs kites flew non-stop, they even stayed airborne when tangled in others kite strings. Jared flew his airplane trick kite, James his clown fish kite, and Justin his trick kite. James flew his kite near Amelia so she could see it. She hardly kept her eyes off the kite. We had a lot of fun flying our kites. After an hour or so we sat down and ate our picnic dinners. What a fun evening!

James organized a surprise cake and ice cream party for Miekka on Thursday. Her sister and her children, her brother Andy, and her mom all showed up as well. We had the perfect dinner of ice cream and cakemy dream dinner. Amelia and I had lunch with Miekka and the boys earlier that day at Rumbi Grill. Happy Birthday Miek!

I spent most of my free time during the week at home making hair clips for Reagans birthday present. I didnt want to dump all the hair clips into a bag so decided to make something to hold all the clips. My idea was a bow board. I took an artists canvas frame, stapled fabric to it, glued some horizontal ribbons across the board, and decorated it. The end result is pretty cute. I think Amelia needs one now! Charity and Ken invited us over for ice cream and cake on Friday. Justin ended up making crepes for the adults! Yummy. Reagan is such a cute 3 year old girl. She is very precocious and lively.

Yesterday, Justin decided he wanted his office back (the spare room) because he had to use the basement disaster area. His new calling requires him to spend time organizing agendas, schedules, and making phone calls. It is a good idea now that we wont have many visitors sleeping at our home. Charity has more room and my parents home has more beds. He also wanted a nice binder and messenger type bag to carry all the needed paperwork to keep track of our bishop (and his schedule). We spent the afternoon searching for the perfect man bag. I started to clean up our yard for the yearly HOA inspections.

Today we had dinner with Mom, the boys, Jana, De-bo, Alex (my cousin), and Courtenay. We made quite the lively bunch. Amelia wore a fun outfit my mom made her. She reminded me of Holly Hobbie from my childhood. I LOVE having my mom close by. I started crying the other day contemplating their pending departure for Jordan in July. Justin sought revenge by hiding a pair of shoes I left out on Friday. I asked him if he saw them and he said no. A while later I came down wearing a different pair of shoes to find him holding them out for me. Little stinker! I guess what goes around comes around. I deserved that!