11 May 2011

20 Days until Go, Go, GO!

Yesterday I had a ultrasound to determine size of the baby. From what the tech could see the baby is actually about average and right on schedule. Justin almost did not come but after seeing my panicked look reconsidered. He corralled the kiddos for an hour. I invited Ella to come see the ultrasound thinking Justin would be there as backup for Phillip. Glad that worked out. Met with my DR this morning to go over the ultrasound, get the Strep test done, and such. We decided that May 31st would still work for an induction date. Yikes! Only 20 more days until we welcome little Everett. I went back to the Dr's office this afternoon with Amelia to visit with the ENT specialist. She had tubes put in her ears at 10 mths of age. The right tube is still in her eardrum and the left popped out within the past two months. The right tube is causing a small cyst to form on her eardrum. We will try steroid drops to heal the cyst and hopefully squeeze the tube out. If the tube does not come out she will need to have it surgically removed.

Phillip continues to seek every opportunity he can to get his hands on my makeup. He finally succeeded in nabbing my mascara, then lipstick, then my concealer. He at least tried to apply the mascara correctly. I am glad he is so proud of himself when he actually gets a forbidden object...he usually cannot help but come and show me. Lately, he started chewing us out in Phillip talk. It is hilarious. He sounds like a chattering squirrel lecturing a human about trespassing on it's territory. Monday he took his qtip fascination to a new level but shoving black beans in his ear canals. Serger tweezers worked amazingly well! He also started mimicking Amelia. He sings when she does, follows her around like a shadow doing everything she tries. Funny thing is she often gives up but he succeeds in doing whatever she tried to do.

Amelia and Ella cracked me up the other day. They wanted to go on a Princess walk with dress up shoes and babies...and cowboy hats. I think the pair only made it a quarter of the way round the block before ditching their shoes. Ella quipped that her shoes were not made for walking. Made me laugh.

Me? All I want to do lately is lay on the couch and be lazy. Means my house is a disaster half the time. Means dinner is usually thought of 5 minutes beforehand. Means the laundry needs to get done. Means my kids are running around like hooligans half the time. I am glad it is spring. I can sit on the swing and watch the kids tear around the yard. My heart is so happy watching my little garden grow. All the seeds germinated and are about 2 inches high now. Justin planted two new hydrangeas to replace dead plants. Some of the peonies are already getting tall. I could sit and watch the kids and my plants for hours. Then read a book or two on my Kindle. I was bummed the Kindle brand cannot use the eBooks provided by the library system. Kindle is not releasing the rights until later this year. I am trying to not buy all the books I've longed to read for the past two years. Hopefully soon I will take photos of all the stuff I sewed, crocheted, and crafted over the past couple weeks.