30 April 2012

Rainy/Windy Days


Last week we had a couple rainy days and a couple windy days (and I mean windy). Phillip got tossed around by the wind on Friday. He popped back into the garage after trying to play outside. He was crying about the wind pushing him down and that it needed a time out and to shake a rug (our consequence for pushing). Thursday I needed something to amuse the kids for an hour without the TV on. We built a fort with some chairs, benches, clamps, fabric, and the slide. They had a blast!!! The slide in entrance was a definite hit. I kept up the fort until Saturday morning. This week I sewed up a shirt for Phillip, finished Seth and Jacob's Mickey shirts, and made some other projects.
Friday evening while we put the kids to bed I noticed the washer was running a bit ragged and loud. When I took out the clothes there was an 18 inch rip in the rubber gasket or bellows. Like a dork I decided to start the next load and see what happened. Justin was watching Willow, he did not have any input for me so I went ahead with my plan. Yep, the washer leaked. It leaked something major. Justin noticed it and did most of the clean up since I was being a total booger about helping. Water seeped through the basement ceiling and all under the washer and surrounding area. We cleaned up that mess before going to bed. Yuck.
I was going to go with Alison to Cheyenne bright and early Saturday morning but stayed home to help with damage control. I had to wash half of the freshly laundered and dried clothes at the dang laundromat. Justin took us out to lunch. Amelia had a photo session with someone besides myself! Her dance company had group and individual photos for their upcoming performance. Amelia was quite precise as she posed her feet and arms in first position. The other little girls in her class had no idea what Mrs Margaret was asking them to do with their arms and feet. Makes me proud of my little ballerina. Alison is training to be a supervisor for Bountiful Baskets. She brought home a lovely basket of fresh fruits and veggies for us. The process was so easy! Monday I ordered a basic basket and added a Mexican veggie pack. Alison picked up my order while she was getting her training. I think she said the baskets weighed about 26 pounds. We spent $15 for the basic and $8.50 for the add-on. Each week I spend over double that at Walmart for second rate fruit and veggies. The strawberries (not pictured) were consumed rather quickly; the best I've eaten in years. I cannot wait for the BB to start coming to Sidney in June. Alison is my heroine! Thanks for making the sacrifices to bring BB to our area. Hooray for yummy, cheap, healthy food.
Right before dinner I gave Justin a lecture about eating the expensive pecans I keep in the cupboard. Then proceeded to make granola for dinner using said pecans. I burned the batch, ruining the precious pecans. So...I made another batch with more pecans. The irony! Shoulda kept my big mouth shut.
My brother James made me laugh late last night. He sent me a photo of my nephew, Jacob, with several bags hung on his bed. My sister and I were known as the bag ladies for our obsessive tendency towards shoving stuff into bags and declaring our room clean. Watch out Jacob...you will need repeated therapy to overcome bagging tendencies.

27 April 2012

Phillip's Sleepover


Tuesday afternoon Alison came by for a minute. While we talked Phillip climbed into her van and buckled himself into Ella's carseat. Alison offered to take him home for the night. I gathered a couple diapers and some clothes. He let out a "yah-hoo" as Alison drove off. He was not so sure about Deacon, their dog. His little toes are curled in protectively around blinket and monkey on their chair. He warmed up quickly and resorted to petting the dog before bed all by himself. Phillip was in awe by all the big boys willing to play with him and Ella to baby him. He went to sleep on the Ella's floor after his customary 20 minutes of winding down. He came home Wednesday morning with an exuberant "MOMMY!" After his nap on Wednesday he packed his monkey, blinket, diapers, and clothes into his pack-pack ready for another excursion.

Our house was very quiet Tuesday night. It felt strange to use a normal voice for hours on end. No yelling! It was heaven. We missed our crazy boy. He is so cute, quirky, curious, happy, and full of life. I missed his chubby feet, chubby hands, and exclamations of "I DID IT!!!! YES!" If I feel frustrated with him I ask him to say rocketship. It sounds like rocket s*it. Makes me smile enough to temper my anger.  

Amelia's Birthday


Amelia woke me up at 6:30 on Wednesday...her nose inches from my nose and her eyes sparkling with excitement. She was so very excited. Her birthday breakfast was a freshly made chocolate doughnut from Rolling Pin Bakery. We light some candles and sang to her before Justin left for work. Phillip and Ella arrived around 8:45 am. More on Phillip in the next post! We made pink lemonade cupcakes and frosting. It is our week for preschool. I decided to visit the cute little greenhouse a couple miles from town with the kids. Rose helped drive and herd kids with me. It was a bit warm outside. The kids enjoyed romping around the beautifully landscaped grounds, catching ladybugs in the greenhouses, and chasing each other around. Amelia ate the frosting off her cupcake and graciously gave me the rest of her cupcake. Then she ate another cupcake, errrr, the frosting!

Ella came with us to a fun birthday lunch at Pizza Hut. Amelia chose Pizza Hut on Monday. She was determined to like it more than McDonalds. Ella ate a plate of carrots, broccoli, ranch dressing, and pasta. Way to go Ella! The girls were so cute chatting about this and that. Phillip kept Justin busy with his frequent visits to the buffet(s) and attempts to squirm into the kitchens.

Amelia and Ella enjoyed the afternoon playing outside in the swimming pool's cold water. Once Justin arrived home she opened her gifts. Amelia got a little Hello Kitty, Barbie Mermaid 2 movie, new booster carseat, and a real camera. She went about ordering us to pose this way and that for the perfect photo. Made me laugh!

We ended the evening at the church attending an informational class on 72 hour kits. Our ward has some amazing gear nerds. The Elder's Quourm President is head of the camping division at Cabela's. Some of the gadgets he showed off were pretty cool. Yep, we need more cool stuff. Phillip was highly intrigued with the table of gear. Happy Birthday to our amazing little girl.

She had her well child visit on Thursday. Amelia weighs 36 pounds and measures 41 inches tall. She grew 2 inches since Aug 2011. Her blood pressure is excellent! She can hop on one leg, walk on her tiptoes, walk on her heels, and can talk your ear off. Her left tube is still in her ear drum (bummer). 

Everett is 11 Months Old


I just realized while ruminating over my lunch that Everett turned 11 months old today. Course we had to get some photos of the little munchkin on his special day. Amelia and Phillip helped me pick out a fun location. They sang pat-a-cake much to Everett's amusement. He is becoming more adept at patting, rolling, and throwing that cake into the oven. This past month he made good progress towards crawling. He loves to sleep on his tummy. All that tummy sleeping has made him a little more agreeable to tummy time. He pushes up on his arms and last week started bending his knees and rocking. He will be my latest crawler so far. I don't mind in the slightest! 

My favorite development is how he babbles and talks. It melts me to hear me him talking away about who knows what. He makes huge spit bubbles and giggles when they pop on his nose. He nuzzles my shoulder when someone comes up to greet him. He hates grass on his toes. Everett loves to sit on Cactus the blue horse and the Big Wheel trike. His most favorite game is to empty baskets, containers, and such. His skinny fingers crack me up as he pinches a bite of food. 

24 April 2012

Look who is "25"!!!


I am about to cry a tear right now! My little baby girl is turning five years old today. The age of 5 heralds some life changing milestones in our Amelia's life. She will start kindergarden in August. It seems so surreal! When we moved to Sidney here she was 21 months old. She is one amazing little girl. She still gives me the same look that she did when only a couple minutes old. Right after she was born the nurse put her on my chest...Amelia reared up her head and made eye contact. The look she gave me was one of wisdom and recognition. We called her little bird for the first little while due to her strength. This girl was not missing a moment of life. Sleep was something that caused her to miss out on what was going on around her. Thus she was a horrible sleeper. She finally started sleeping through the night around the beginning of the year. If she gets scared I often wake up to knees in my back as she snuggles into my side. Last week she went around telling everyone she was turning 25 on her birthday. She got the 25th of April mixed up with her age. I think she might be closer to the truth! Five going on 25.

Amelia has one heck of an imagination. She loves music and dancing. Our home is filled with Amelia's voice as she sings, plays the piano, or dances to music. Her love of music started when she was just a wee baby. Since we put Amelia and Phillip together I love to listen to them converse over the baby monitor after we leave the room. She is constantly singing him songs, telling stories, and being bossy. Phillip usually ignores her.

Amelia is one heck of a kid. We love her dearly and enjoy teaching her how to govern her wiles and wills. Whenever I feel tested by her I just remember the look she gave me in the hospital. At times I remember the look and think that maybe she was really telling me: "Buckle up lady! You are in for a wild ride that will test all your beliefs and theories in one swoop of my little finger." I laugh and hug her, finding those illusive tickles that make the merriest of music to my ears! Hearing her laugh is the best medicine to my mommy heart. We love our Amelia Jean Call.

PS: Amelia is a total poser. I created a monster. She was H-I-L-A-R-I-O-U-S during our little photo shoot. She would strike a pose, bat her eye lashes, and then change the pose once she hear my camera snap. Most of her poses made her look pretty silly and contorted.  

22 April 2012

April Showers Bring May Flowers


Enjoyed a fun themed photoshoot for my kids. I set up the scene for another little lady who came over after I tried it out! Everett was asleep, frown. Amelia is quite the ham. She is going to be a stage personality one day. Each of our children brings a totally different "flavor" into our home.