06 August 2016

Josie at 6 Months

She is so perfect! Such a happy, content baby. She eats, she plays, she naps/sleeps, laughs, smiles, and waves. Can't ask for much more in a baby. Josie is currently learning to roll from tummy to back and back to tummy. She gets her arms stuck and then gets angry. We can tell Josie from afar since she often holds one or both arms behind her, kinked back. It looks uncomfortable but that is how she places her arm/s. We think it is silly and adorable.

A week or so ago she started waving on command. She will wave bye-bye if you give her long enough to process your request. Then she hides her face in my neck since it was so silly and embarrassing. She does a classic duck and hide maneuver I patented with the boys during my dating years. She can't sit unassisted, all the photos above are composited with Amelia switching from one side to the other and the photos merged. She is solely breast fed at this point. Just waiting until she can sit up unassisted to start solid foods.

She weighed in at 13 lbs 3 oz, or in the 5.9th percentile; she measured 25.5 inches, or in the 11th percentile. Still measuring as a lightweight, taller than she is round. She is wearing 0-3 mth clothing mostly because all the summer stuff fits her trunk size perfectly. She can wear 3-6 size as well. However in PJs she is wearing 3-6 because they are footed.

We love all the fun noises she makes lately. She adores Phillip and laughs at him the hardest. She enjoys pat-a-cake and other fun hand games. Her favorite toys are her feet, hands, and binky. She was moved into her own room shortly after turning 5 months. She is doing really well! Mommy does not enjoy stumbling into her room for nursing sessions 2-3 times each night, well, I do enjoy the warm baby snuggles immensely, the chair is terrible for sleeping in.