14 December 2011

They Make Us Laugh

experimenting with "bokeh", Christmas tree lights, and shapes.

Oh, Master Phillip. You are one of a kind. A diamond in the rough. A guy with sticky hands and a big heart. Today he discovered a Super hero dress up. He was thrilled. Put it on all by himself, removed his pants, and flew around the room. Too bad the dress up outfit was for Super Woman. The skirt framed those chubby knees to perfection. He was so thrilled with his outfit that he took a nap wearing it. He neatly covered his legs with the cape and threw his blanket overboard. When it was time to take Amelia to ballet both boys suddenly decided to wake up as we were walking out the door. Usually I leave them asleep in their cribs for 4 minutes to shuttle Amelia over the dance. I needed to go to the post office so they came as is. Phillip got to wear his fantastic outfit to the Post Office. He flew up the ramp with gusto and pushed the door button for all the folks coming and going. The best part is that EVERYONE knew he was a boy! Maybe he is the Scottish version of Superman.

Amelia is branching out with her artwork lately. She drew a fantastic picture with a single layer of green grass, a sun with beams, a layer of blue sky, and two pretty flowers with petal patterns in orange, yellow, and blue. She made Mrs Margaret a nice holiday card to take with her to ballet. She was so excited to give her gift away. She insisted on wearing her Christmas owl skirt with a tutu underneath to "celebrate the seasons." Crack me up.

This evening our ward hosted a musical Christmas fireside. The ward members were challenged to invite non-member friends to the event. It was fun to see faces from around town inside our chapel. The choir, accompanists, and speakers were inspired by the spirit. It was a great evening to share the gospel. Amelia and I attended DeAngela and Brandon's baptism on Sunday. Amelia was really aware of what was going on. She even asked me if the kids were baptized like Jesus was in the Book of Mormon. Guess all that family scripture time is paying off! I visit teach DeAngela and Brandon's grandmother. She is a Navajo Indian from Arizona. Grandma Baerwaldt (who served a mission with the Navajo people) gave me some tips to help them feel more welcome in church. The Betony family are the only Navajo Indians within a couple hundred mile radius. They are coming back to church off and on enough to help their grandkids join the church. My heart is warm whenever they attend church. Those kids are amazing. Little Everett just LOVES DeAngela!

I forgot to mention that Everett learned how to play peek-a-boo last week. He loves to play the game with Amelia and Phillip. He is also learning to love new foods like apples, pears, squash, sweet potatoes, mixed veggies, apricots, and corn. He hates peas. period. This week he discovered how to give full face kisses. Phew, it almost hurts my face he grabs it so hard. The kisses are nice! We will host the Haley kids Thursday to Friday and Ella from Thursday to Sunday while Matt and Alison attend a wedding in Utah. The girls are ecstatic to have a stay over for three nights. Amelia prayed for the past couple days that she and Ella would not fight and be nice to each other. I hope so too!

**we sold our 2007 Camry, aka, Gray Skull this week! Hooray! I will miss that car. It is a dream to drive! Sigh! Ah, the memories!