22 October 2010

Splish Splash

Ummmm, what a lazy week so far! We literally are just keeping a low profile this week. Amelia had a fun time in preschool this week (check out this blog for photos and a run down). She gets really excited when the time comes to trek to preschool. I love that she calls her preschool friends, her people. Alison had the kids dance on Wednesday much to Amelia's delight. She keeps asking me to turn on some boogey music and dance. Monday Sidney FINALLY received some rain after a long drought of no rain. It took me an hour to find Amelia's rainboots, which ended up being stuffed in the bottom of the bike trailer (strange?). She donned butterfly wings and her boots to dance in the water. Her enthusasium is quite infectious.

Wednesday the missionaries came over for dinner. I rarely make a meat and potatoes dinner. Boy, did I make a yummy pot roast dinner. I used fresh carrots, onions, and store bought potatoes with a not so tender pot roast. It cooked in the garage all day. For some reason I still cannot stand the smell of crock pot meals stewing in my house. Ever since I got sick while pregnant with Amelia and a crock pot meal the idea grosses me out. So the garage smelled awesome! I rounded out the meal with Miekka's recipe for Rosemary Bread, Macaroni Grill style. Super yum. The kids and I spent a happy couple hours at Deb's house crocheting with the crocheting club. Anyone is invited! Phillip and the twins had a rousing time wrestling. The twins tried to teach Phillip how to walk. He is getting closer to walking. Wednesday evening I gave him to markers to hold on to and he took a couple wobbly steps on his own. So cute to see his bandy-legged knees balancing.

Amelia contracted her first ear infection since she got her tubes at 10 months old. The Dr said her left ear tube is miracously still intact, not sure about the right tube. Her ear canal was so swollen and gunky she could not see her ear drum. We are putting drops in her ears for an ear canal infection. Both kids are dealing with yucky colds so are sleeping very poorly. Tuesday night both kids ended up sleeping in our bed for a couple hours. Phillip was estatic to sleep snuggled up with me.

I finished sewing Amelia's halloween costume. The Strawberry Shortcake hat gave me a run for my money, but I nailed that sucker down. I cannot WAIT to reveal it! Other than the costume I whipped up three more newborn outfits for babies born in our ward this week and one for an order. At Deb's I finished two hats for myself.

Amelia started taking care of a baby rotini noodle yesterday. She found the noodle in my craft room. Soon the little noodle was wrapped in a blanket and she was crooning lovingly to this noodle. She named it, frofin-o-ie. I have no idea where she thinks up those names. Ella and Amelia love to play house together at the library. They boss each other around with total confidence that the other will obey. I tried to be the Beast yesterday while Amelia was Belle. Apparently, I make a terrible Beast and prince.

This morning I photographed my visiting teaching companion's family. We noticed a grove of yellow trees while out visiting on Monday. The weather was gray and overcast, rain threatening to fall at any moment. It was magical. I could not help sighing with pleasure. Phillip accompanied me in the baby backpack while Amelia watched a movie in our warm car. Phillip ended up being amazing because he captured the kid's attention. They were looking at him which made it seem they were looking at my camera. Perfect. Course he looked uber silly in his new warm outfit: