01 December 2013

A Blessed Baby

December 1, 2013. Justin blessed our little Evelyn in Sidney, NE. Bishop Siler, Brother Ben Dutton, and Brother Matt Carlile participated in the blessing. Evelyn wore a stunning dress I bought several years ago. She was deprived of her usual morning nap was zonked out during the blessing. Some blessings pronounced on her:

she will be a joy to her family
a love for her Savior
to seek righteous blessings
to marry in the temple one day
she would make righteous covenants and those covenants would provide her protection

I missed being surrounded by our family today. At times like this I wish we lived closer so folks would come visit. Evelyn was surrounded by her loving parents, siblings, and amazing ward family. We are so grateful for her. Alison, thank you for taking these photos after church! Personally, I am amazed her dress made it through church relatively unscathed! Just a spot of spit up. I totally expected a poop blow out or some heinous accident during the Sunbeam class we taught!

Santa at Hickory Square

Amelia woke up excited to visit Santa Friday morning. When I told her she had to wait until Saturday I totally expected a melt down. Instead she took off her special shirt and put on a different Christmas shirt. We enjoyed a mostly TV free day on Friday. The kids loved every moment we spent decorating for Christmas. Our tree is bottom heavy with ornaments and snowflakes. There are several bare spots from Everett shaking the branches free of decoration. It took us most of the day with several breaks to get the living room back in order. I had a photo shoot with a family diagonal from my home. The owner is in her 80s, with her son and wife living with her as caretakers. I was amazed at how large their home was! I was delighted to capture this wonderful family, mother, 4 sons, 3 wives, 2 GC, and 3 GGC. Amelia came to honk my pig toy. That sounds strange, but my best attention getter is a silly dog squeaky toy. The family dog was drooling over my toy as well. Afterwards we treated the kids to a theater visit to see Frozen. I loved all the music! The natives were fine until the treats ran out. The last 10 minutes were touch and go but all in all the best family theater visit we've had in a long while. I finished out the night making Black Friday gift purchases online.

Saturday Justin got up and went to work cleaning our disgusting garage. He moved on to winterize the yard and yard tools. I think he spent most of the day outside! Amelia said, "Mom? Why is Dad outside all day today...that is really strange! Is he OK?" I got a laugh out of that comment. I did some Christmas and food shopping at Walmart. Only a couple more items for stockings and such left to find. The kids spent most of the day outside as well. Amelia and Phillip made two pig pumpkin pies (ie mud pies) with dirt from the garden box, sticks, and lawn toys.  Amelia had to wait ALL day to see Santa. We finally went after dinner. We missed the lighting of the tree ceremony and Santa arriving on the firetruck. Santa was at the Book Corner. Let me tell you...that was not such a brilliant idea. Lots of hyper kids inside a book/toy store with lots of candy and breakable items. We sweated the entire time trying to keep everyone accounted for and the purchasables as unpurchased. Everett wore a very cute aviator hat. He reminded me of the kid from a Christmas Story. Everett got to sit on Santa's lap. He was enthralled with Santa's white beard, stroking it and whispering "Santa" over and over. We made it out with free candy canes. The kids wanted to see the huge tree and the over sized decorations across the street. We sipped hot cocoa at home. Justin helped me give the boys much needed haircuts. Everett was blubbering that he did not want to be a handsome boy anymore.

Pie for Lunch

  Thanksgiving started around midnight with a very sad, inconsolable Phillip. Justin took him to the ER. Turns out poor kid had a nasty ear infection, possible strep, and the rash. He was so cantankerous we cancelled our plans and stayed home. Thankfully, I had stuff for a horse duver lunch. Amelia asked if she could eat some pie after lunch. I could not think of a good refusal...so we ate pie. Yum. Sarah brought over some turkey, stuffing, gravy, potatoes, sweet potatoes, and rolls for dinner. I had an emergency pork loin we were going to roast. Sarah saved the day.

The weather was sunny but cold. We took a walk to the school park. I got to use my new 70-200m 2.8 zoom lens. It is delicious. Evelyn looked like an alien in the snow suit I dressed her in. She was warm!

I am so grateful for Justin and our 4 children. At a time in my life, I really gave up on my dream to be a mom. To live that dream now is the best blessing in the world. I am blessed to teach my kids the gospel. There is so much to be grateful for. We filled up our grateful tree with lots of leaves this year.  

Three Months Old

Evelyn turned 3 months old on Wednesday. She is so darn cute! I stewed a couple months about which dress she would wear on her blessing day: the dress I and Amelia wore or a heirloom dress. Finally decided on the heirloom dress. Evelyn looked so cute in her dress. She is starting to make eye contact and smile. Recently, she started reaching for items and swiping at dangling toys. I noticed that her head and neck are getting a bit stronger. She still can't lift her head for more then a second. She pushes down on her feet when placed on a firm surface. My favorite milestone is that she recognizes my voice and smiles when I am out of sight. She will imitate basic sounds we make at her. I am guessing she weighs about 12-13 pounds. Evelyn absolutely loves taking baths now. She will kick and splash for 30 minutes...enough time to clean the bathroom!  

Strep and Turkey

Phillip was sick all this week. He kisses Evelyn whenever I turn my head. I commanded him NOT to kiss his sister while he has sick germs. His response: "BUT Mooooom, I lub her!" When he gets sick...oh, my, gracious...he is one cranky duck. He added naughty to the cranky aspect this time around. Between Monday and Wednesday he:
*Filled a bag of stale marshmallows with Imaginex bad guys, microwaved it until soft, then stuck the mess to the wall. Took me 20-30 minutes to chip rock hard marshmallows and bad guys off the wall. He also stuffed bristle blocks with marshmallows.
*He smeared a container of chap stick on my fish tank then fed the fish pretzels.
*He made 20+ TP bombs.
*He made himself lunch with cottage cheese, pepper corns, and salt. His containers of choice included my mortar and pestle and two bowls. He poured a shaker of salt on his meal. I laughed when he gagged.
Amelia labored through 10 worksheets of math homework she missed from her sick days. I almost went postal coercing her to get it done. Ended up with her on my lap and my mouth next to her ear helping her finish. Brutal. I loved having her on my lap. Hated the whining.
I introduced our kids to FAT MAN for FHE on Monday. I was in stitches watching them crash into each other with pillows stuffed in their footie PJs. We cancelled our plans to eat dinner with the Wood family on Tuesday night. It looked like Phillip had the Fifth's disease as well. He was up Monday night with itchy skin. Shortly after cancelling our plans Elaine invited us to their home in CO for dinner. Her kids already went through the disease so were immune. I went shopping for horse duvers and pie making ingredients. Wednesday evening I made a pumpkin and pecan pie. Our house smelled divine.
The boys watched quite a bit of TV this week while sick germs passed around. Everett is totally hooked on Power Rangers. He found a can opener as a weapon then declared he was the Red Ranger. Amelia is now the Pink Ranger (duh), Phillip is the Blue Ranger and Evelyn is the Yellow Ranger. Everett teased, yes teased, Justin that he was the Pink Ranger. Justin said no, I am a boy I can't be the Pink Ranger. Everett responded with a Yes, you Pink Ranger. The Power Ranger game morphed into a dog ranger game. We had to put Everett in time out several times after hitting Phillip with his can opener. If I ever need to amuse Everett all I have to do is hand him a piece of paper and scissors. The basement floor is littered with tiny scraps of squares, triangles, rectangles, and lines that he cut.