13 May 2009

Warm and Windy

Yesterday was the warmest day we've had all year at 80 degrees. I filled up the pool in anticipation of an afternoon dip. We spent the whole morning at the park. Amelia played in the dirt while I embroidered a onesie for a customer. We both got farmer tans!! She actually played in the pool water for 20 minutes before her nap! Clouds started to roll in right after her nap, threatening to thunder and rain. It never did but still it was cooler than the previous hour. So what did we do?? We painted our toenails! Afterwards the sky looked a little better so I put Amelia's swim suit on to swim. Ella came over to play and ended up getting in the pool with her clothes on! Ella was hilarious! She was so proud of herself for getting wet.
In contrast, today was really windy. Alison and I went to the fabric and "craft" store this morning. I found a really cute fat quarters set. Right after lunch I sewed up a skirt and then cut out flowers for a shirt. Justin corraled Amelia for a while so I could finish the skirt and shirt. The whole ensemble turned out so cute!! I can't wait to make another. It even has a matching fabric flower. The idea for the fabric flower came from Violet Grace (and Jessica) check out their blogs for fun crafting ideas.