02 April 2013

Dyeing Easter Eggs


I love dyeing Easter eggs. I love the bright colors and stained hands. We colored eggs for FHE last Monday. Like a good mom I boiled the eggs beforehand so the eggs could cool down. Like a bad mom I forgot the second batch I put on to boil. Phillip came into the basement excited about popping eggs and making shooting hand gestures. I was ever so confused! Amelia came home to say there was a burning smell (again) in the kitchen. That finally jogged my memory. Geeze, eggs and shells were zinging all over the stove top. Oh! The smell! Gross. At least I did not burn the first batch. Guess what? I also scorched the carrots at dinner. I guess my newest maternity plague is burning food. LOL. After dinner....we colored eggs. Everett did a great  job not spilling and making a huge mess. He ended up sampling the vinegar water, and enjoyed it. We ended the night watching the LDS video about the resurrection.

Last week I forgot to mention a sweet experience we had with Amelia. It rained one day last week. Justin came home from work and mentioned how grateful he was for the rain, so grateful that he said a prayer of gratitude in his office at work. Amelia was impressed! I walked by her room later on when she walked out of her room. I asked her what she was doing. Amelia responded that she said a prayer like Daddy to thank Jesus for the rain. Moments like that totally reinforce years of parent's efforts.

Wednesday the boys went over to Alaina's home for the morning. We got up early and I had them over there by 8:30 am...quite the feat in the halls of early motherhood. Janet met me back at home and we attacked the kitchen cabinets. By noon we removed all the doors and drawers, soap cleaned them, and deglossed them, same with the cabinet frames. It would have taken me all day, thanks Janet for the helping hands. Afterwards I taped the walls and floor and finished the last couple of doors. The rest of the day I worked on laundry and packing the van for our Utah trip. Our cubscouts had their Pinewood Derby after dinner. It is a very exciting event for those young boys. I was very excited that the first three places were earned by boys in my Webelos class. Fun times.

Thursday morning the boys "helped" me pack...and repack, and pack the clothes for our trip. I finally gave up letting them help me and put a TV show on. Goodness. We picked up Amelia from school at 1:30 and were on our way by 1:45 for Utah. The trip was relatively uneventful. We stopped in Rawlins for dinner. Phillip had flooded his pull-up to the point of having pools of pee in the recesses of his carseat. I got him changed into dry clothes and piled blankets in his seat to make the drive less wet for him. We stopped in Rock Springs for the night. I ended up taking his carseat padding and clothes to the laundromat. Too stinky for me to endure! We finally got the lights off in the room at 9:45. Everyone was still awake and whining by 11 pm. Phillip found his headlamp, wanted numerous sips of water, had to jump on all the chairs and beds. He finally went to sleep while I restrained him for 20 minutes. Everett was awake at this time so I sang to him for 20 minutes while rocking him. I tell you...staying at a hotel with young kids alone is quite a feat.