07 September 2008

I Love to see the Temple

Daddy and Da Bubs
Mommy, Mommy...al-wight
Temple silhouette
Angel Moroni

Amelia using her Sniffer
The Christus
Reflection Pond
Ohhh, I get to touch?

This afternoon we visited Temple Square. The weather was gorgeous! Amelia is really cute when she smells flowers because she scrunches up her nose and sniffs really loud. Justin's favorite thing right now is when Amelia calls, "Daddy, Daddy" when he answers she replies "al-wight" and toddles away! It melts your heart.

In Relief Society she snuck up next to the lady giving the opening prayer and loudly proclaimed "A-min" after about 15 seconds. I heard a lot of giggling! Amelia is a very precocious child! She is so wonderful! I love it when she lets me cuddle her or when she pats my back and says "nice". Good thing we are an eternal family.

Ethan's Birthday Party

This weekend was really exciting! It started when Justin came home on Friday to a happy bubs and wife! We all had dinner with James, Miekka, Seth, and Jacob at Lone Star. Dinner was really good, so good calories were thrown under the table when we ordered both cheese fries and a Texas Rose (onion thing).

The excitement continued when our phones started to ring off the hook around 12:30 am. Apparently, our "renter" next door finally came home after being AWOL for 36 hours only to find the locks changed on the doors. Needless to say, she was stinkin', hoppin' mad about it. Legally, she never moved anything in and never paid the rents/deposits. Poor Bruce had to deal with her at 2:30 in the morning due to the time zone. Justin was so worked up he slept on the couch. He opened the door for her early the next morning so she could collect her few belongings and leave. Her excuse was that her fiance died of a brain aneurysm. We are not really sure what is truth or fact.

We pulled our tired selves together in time to celebrate Ethan's 4th birthday party. Melissa invited us all over for BBQ chicken, beans, veggies, fruit, and drinks at their new home. It is located right next to the Ogden River Parkway! I took a 45 minute stroll down the pathway to settle Melissa's yummy lunch. Ethan was really excited about the Dino cake Charity made for him. Awesome job! Ethan has a hard time keeping clothes on...Melissa is lucky to keep underpants on the little whipper snapper. He opened presents in the buff. I made him a dinosaur appliqued shirt for the occasion. Justin and his siblings enjoyed friendly rivalry with Jonathon and Scot while watching the BYU game. Luckily, BYU won and no one lost an ear due to slinging insults. Since I am a horrible football watcher I went on a walk and worked on a crocheted hat for Amelia.

My new lens came in the mail. I had fun trying it out! I borrowed a similar lens from my Dad but it was so dusty from being carted around sandy deserts that all the pictures were blurry. Too bad, since he had a potentially awesome 80-200 lens. Mom has a cute picture of Justin inside a clothes hamper when he was about Amelia's age. We tried to recreate the shot (see the collage).