12 October 2010


Justin bagged a duck on Saturday. He got home around 3 pm, 12 hours after leaving. The duck action was not so great, so Justin bringing one out of two ducks killed was, well, a miracle. LOL. He put the dead duck in our family fridge in the kitchen (disgusto) just to freak me out. Well, he did. He usually puts his dead animals in the garage fridge. While he was taking a nap I showed Amelia the duck. It was a pretty little bird with really soft feathers. Amelia stroked the duck for a few moments. I asked her what the duck's name was. She immediately said, "His name is Meager." Seriously?! The next moment she stared poor Meager in the eye and declared, "Meager, you are a DEAD duck." I about died laughing. I took these photos a couple days later. In the collage she is relating the story to Alison about how Daddy shot poor Meager out of the sky with his big gun.

We are having a down week. Just taking it easy! I am plagued with nasty migraines lately making it difficult to do more than just sit and stare at the wall. Grrrr. Regardless, I am busy crocheting four hats folks ordered last week and sewed up three infant monogrammed onesies. I actually finished three of the hats while watching Karate Kid (the new one) Friday evening. The next morning I noticed that the black yarn remnants I used all came from different yarn lots. That means I have to crochet them all again with new yarn. That is what I get for trying to use the leftover skeins.

Phillip is desperately trying to walk. He loves, loves, loves to walk along with me clutching one of my fingers. He is venturing to let go and try to balance for a couple seconds. If he really wants something (like food) he will do a funny little walk, fall, crawl move. It seems he is quite clingy and worried about losing mom whenever we go outside our home. At least he is comfortable at home. The YW are going to babysit down in Denver this weekend while the adults attend a temple session. I am excited because we can attend. I don't feel comfortable leaving a clingy baby for at least 10 hours with a sitter at home. Yipee!

A couple weeks ago I bought a new tube of mascara, Last Blast by Cover Girl. In small print it read waterproof. I did not notice that part. Next day I excitedly applied my new mascara. FIVE days later I was wearing the same mascara. That stuff was so waterproof that soap, baby oil, water, more mascara would not remove it. I was too cheap to buy eye makeup remover so wore it until it flaked off. I have new mascara, not waterproof.