25 February 2011

Pining for Spring

I had an overpowering desire for spring this week. Soooo?! I made 20 new flowery headbands/clips. Too bad I don't have a cutie girl baby coming! I am selling most of these and keeping the rest for my photography prop closet. Amelia helped me choose colors, buttons, and combinations. She is turning into a creative wealth! Can't wait to see some of these flowers put to use. Some have already graced my hats this week. Too happy to pass over. My hands/fingers are now totally numb. It is the strangest feeling to know something is in my hand but not feel it. Pretty much anything I do hurts so I decided to just crochet, sew, clutch things in my hand, etc because the boring alternative is driving my crazy. I ran a needle through my middle finger on accident and could not feel a thing. Making all the flowers with hot glue was suddenly appealing since my fingers can't feel anything. Pain is a green light, RIGHT DAD?!

Monday was a bit of a let down once Catherine and Kate left. I really thought I'd hear them leave at 5:30 am but snoozed/snored through the occasion. Poor Catherine went home without a hug. Dang! Amelia and Kate were so darling together. I focused my attention to sewing Phillip a pair of pants using this tutorial by Dana from Made. She is celebrating the BOY this year! About time! Justin's old yellow knit shirt became a pair of cute pants. I even took the time to match stripes. In between sewing the pants Amelia sewed on some fabric scraps. She can sew a pretty straight seam. I love how the pants pattern has a wide leg, curved waistline, and thick elastic. Now to get some real fabric to make more pants. The yellow pants were a second test run since my first pair last week were sort of embarrassing and now reside in the landfill.

Tuesday evening Justin arrived home with a 2008 Toyota Sienna mini van for us to test drive. The kids luxuriated in the extra room. The adults enjoyed heated seats, a jammin' sound system, and tons of little extras. We took the van on a test run to Walmart for groceries. I really loved the trunk button and auto doors. Once the kids were in bed Justin went into the garage and tested the sound system. I found him rocking out to his iPod at about 60 decibels and thudding base. What did I do? Laugh...then join in the fun. He even played a new Rhianna song I enjoy. Yep...the sound system will be a total loss with kids in the car. I had to giggle over the image of two middle aged folks jammin' in a mini van. The weather on Tuesday was AH-MAZING. It was a little cool but the sun was shining and the breeze was gone. We played outside with Ella for three hours. I actually crocheted the cute little hat Ella is wearing over on Alison's blog while luxuriating in the sun watching the kids play. Phillip made the mental connection of putting on his coat with going outside. The kid practically spent the week wearing his coat staring at the garage or front door.

Alison hosted preschool this week. It was a short week due to President's day. The kids went on a field trip to Safeway with a shopping list, rules, and a dollar. Check out Alison's blog for photos. We also had the new Elder's over for dinner Wednesday evening. I served a delicious sweet and sour chicken over rice dish and a strawberry cake.

Tomorrow I am leaving Justin with the kids all day! Yikes! That feels like a first, wait...it is a first. I have a Primary training meeting in Cheyenne at 11:00, then a little shopping. Should be fun. I am honestly a little excited to see what happens at home.