18 April 2016

Team Hotdog

I bought kites on Saturday, the kids impatiently waited until I broke Sunday evening. They needed to burn off energy, the parents needed some laughter out of the kids. So out came the kites. This year's ration of kites was even crappier than last year's. All of them were flopping around within a minute or so. Still the few minutes the kites made it into the air was worth the purchase. Everett raced outside most every day this week because it was "windy." Course, the one day it was really windy the rain and snow came along. Even Evelyn joined in the kite race this year. She drug around the kite like it was a lame puppy.

Josie had her two month appointment and shots Monday morning. She was not happy off and on all week. Immunizations are a double-edged sword, I've seen what no immunizations in a country looks like and would never consider skipping out. Still breaks my heart to poke the little babies. I asked the Dr to check my thyroid levels, after a blood draw, and results, I am now taking synthriod each morning. Hopefully, I will feel a bit more perky. I also stopped by the finance office and paid a huge hospital bill for labor and delivery, some Amelia bills, and other visits. Ouch. Glad we at least have insurance, I'd hate to pay the actual costs. I did meet my deductible which came in handy this week when my sciatic nerve got a nasty pinch, five "free" chiropractor visits! I woke up Tuesday morning with my back aching a bit, by noon I was hunched over like a little old lady. My legs were completely numb and I could barely hold the baby. I could barely operate all week so our house looked like a disaster zone. It is slowly coming out of the mess just like I am.

We all got to watch Phillip's second soccer game. He had team and individual soccer photos before the game. He was cracking us up. The highlight moment was when he tried to kiss his teammate on the cheek right when the ball was playing nearby. I love that his team is called Team Hot Dog. Seems to suit this particular group of kids. The ref let Phillip kick in the ball once, I think he kicked the ball one other time. The rest of the time her mostly was inside his head with who knows what. Love that kid. It was pretty darn cold outside so we shivered through the game and went home to tacos for dinner. All the kids were very excited for FHE, until the time came to actually start. The boys had a row over whose turn it was to change the FHE chart. I ended up placing the chart in the trash can until the boys came to a truce. We have also banned the song Follow the Prophet, because the kids fight over whose turn it is to be the prophet. Amelia crawled behind the baby seat and cried during the "lesson" for heavens knows what reason. Justin tried to teach a lesson on how to ask HF for things we need in prayer, as we seek for confirmation about Amelia's upcoming surgery. Maybe we will try again this week. By the time game came around the kids were sort of cooperating for a game of Pickle in the Head.

Justin started a diet/lifestyle change this week. I am so proud of him. It is difficult to make changes like that. I am also eating better as a consequence. He has a goal and has an accessory to earn for his motorcycle as a reward. On Justin's free day I got a box of doughnuts for breakfast and he took us to Sonic for lunch. I skipped dinner because that was too much for one day. Amelia got to go bowling for a friend's birthday party. She reported that bowling hurts her leg quite a bit, even with the bowling ramp. I spent the afternoon cutting out fabric for Amelia's birthday dress. Of course she chose the most complicated pattern...and the cutest. Evelyn rips off her shirt if a spot of water touches it. She is going through 3-6 shirts per day. This week she bathed with the entire drawer of hair barretts and head bands. I had to reglue half of the bows back together. At least my new crafting space got some breaking in.

The huge winter-storm system brought us rain and a smattering of snow. Denver area was not quite so lucky. The weather luckily brought Stake Conference to our local building because all sessions were broadcast. Sessions are only broadcast now in case of inclement weather or general extenuating circumstances. It was nice to not have to travel to Cheyenne for two days worth of meetings. We huddled inside and played quiet games most of the day. Justin was home Sunday morning for once. It was heavenly! Everyone was ready by 9:25, unheard of when I am solo. The kids loved on Dad while we waited to go. We all got a laugh as Phillip tried to fix Evelyn's hair with a brush, spray water, and the subject in front of a Princess mirror. I still managed to be late as the church bag supplies were low and overlooked. Can't get low on diapers, that would bring on Armageddon.