17 February 2009

Indian Cooking Class

This evening our RS hosted a cooking class at Sister Mason's home. Last month they asked me to teach a cooking class. I chose Indian food because it is so yummy and not very many people know how to make it. Saturday afternoon I went shopping and found everything except the yogurt at Walmart. Our menu included Naan bread, Raita, Rice Pilaf, Chicken Curry, and Tikka Masala. Phew! It was really fun. I arrived at Sister Mason's an hour early to cut the vegetables and try to prepare the food for faster cooking. I absolutely hate not having decent pans and knives to use. The house we are in only has three steak knives as kitchen knives...not cool. Every pan here is the cheap thin kind that burns everything, even water.

I started off showing how to prepare the rice, then the bread, mixed up the raita. Waited for the pans and oven to cool from the naan to finish the other two dishes. It worked out pretty well. Amelia was so hilarious. She acted like she was a hostess, greeting everyone and making us all laugh. She is a really talkative person. Cracks me up because Justin and I are not very outgoing or talkative. To have a living parrot acting like a monkey is a total delight.

Now I am totally exhausted. I got up at 6:20 to get to the gym before Justin left for work. Today was also laundry day at the laundromat. I now love, love nap time. Let me know if you want any recipes!!

Shopping in Cheyenne

WOW! We (Alison, Brayden, and Ella; Amelia) started off our President's Day driving the 2 hours to Cheyenne, WY for some shopping. I still can't get over how stinkin' flat everything is around here! The kids watched movies and ate tremendous amounts of snacks while we drove out to Cheyenne, Alison and I got to know each other a little better. She is pretty crazy so watch out (just kidding...mostly).

Our first stop was Hobby Lobby. I've never been to a Hobby Lobby so was quite impressed with their selection of just about every craft you can imagine. I stocked up on yarn, one more 1/2 yard of Easter fabric, and some brads. Then we hit up Big Lots. I was ecstatic to introduce Alison to their wiles. She found huge frames for her newly ordered family pictures for $13.50 per frame. Then we stopped at Once Upon A Kid, sort of like Kid to Kid, a child consignment store. I found brand new gymboree clothes with the tags still on for Amelia. Yipee!!

We had some lunch at Target, then hit Kohls, Ross, and TJ Maxx. Phew! Just typing about all those stores makes me tired all over again. I indulged myself with a Coca-Cola for lunch. It was just as yummy as I remember...3 months of being "dry" and counting...this did not count. It was a "treat" LOL!! Amelia did surprisingly well. Usually she falls apart after 20 minutes of being in Walmart. I came prepared with about 7 different snacks for her to try.

In Kohls, their family bathroom included a child-sized potty. Amelia was REALLY intrigued. So I stripped her down and sat her on the cold seat. That shocked enough to want to jump back up. Poor thing was wailing but managed to squeeze a drop of pee out. I made a HUGE deal out of that. She seemed pretty proud especially when I let her flush the toilet. Flushing is off limits at home if she doesn't make a deposit first. I really hope potty training is around the corner. She is showing a tiny amount of interest but mostly brushes off the idea. We barely made it home in time for Alison to pick up her two older kids from a school sponsored play day.

Amelia managed to spill half a bag of popcorn all over her side of the car right after we went to Big Lots. I spent the evening vacuuming the car and putting away my new precious purchases. Shopping so far away sure puts the curb on impulse buying. That is a good thing...right??