27 July 2009


She learned how to climb out of her crib during nap time. So much for taking charge. I was asleep and she was running amok. We've had a crying fest since 1:15 pm...

Taking Charge

So...I am fed up with Amelia's newest sleep trend. I find myself sleeping on her floor more often than not. I feel like a parental failure when it comes to her sleeping. I know most of the blame lies with me giving in when she has a bad night. The bad night turns into long weeks of discomfort. Last night I finally realized that a little 2 year old is controlling me. A conversation with my mom this morning confirmed what I already knew...Mia and I are having a battle of wills. She knows I am too tired most of the time to deal with her night antics so she has free reign. For me, I have a difficult time ignoring her complaints because of her history of ear infections, nightmares, and the fact that she is a light sleeper. My mom suggested that we begin to teach Amelia to turn to the Lord when she has a hard time sleeping through prayer. She is smart enough to understand the concept. With a new baby only weeks away it is time to go through the ringer and resolve this issue once and for all. Wish me luck as I flex my mommy muscles and teach Amelia that sleeping is not a choice and she must go to bed on MY terms and not HER terms.