01 January 2010

2009 in Review

We've had quite the year! I decided to pick a couple pictures from each month this year to represent some of our highlights. Trust me... it was really hard to pick only 2 pictures per month. As you can see October took the lime light because we were so busy 2 pictures would not cover it all. We had a very relaxing New Year's Day. Last night we were all in bed before midnight. No parties here!! I spent part of the evening packing away the remaining Christmas decorations. I can't wait to reveal new pictures of our home. I am finally done enough to feel done!

Amelia called Ella this morning asking her to come play. The girls had a smashing time. At one point I found both girls in Amelia's closet talking on their pretend phones. Mia was talking to Cinderella and Ella to Alison. I about died laughing! Just a little while later the girls were in Phillip's room on the floor using my breast pump to pump their belly buttons. Amelia kept showing Ella how to pump correctly but Ella was adamant about her belly button. Ella is certainly curious about breast feeding. Other than playing with Ella I started two new appliqued shirts and we went to DQ for an ice cream treat. Pretty low key!

The new year should bring some changes and fun times. On Tuesday I am going to participate in a "Biggest Loser" contest for 6 weeks. Maybe I can lose the post baby weight that stuck around after Amelia was born. I hope I can stick with it because Phillip is not sleeping through the night now. Getting up early to exercise is out of the question if a HAPPY Jenni is desired. Wish me luck!!

January: Moved to Sidney, NE due to a new job for Justin at Cabela's; announced our pregnancy with Phillip

February: Adjusted to living in limbo in a cold windy state and small apartment; experienced BAD morning sickness; befriended the Haley family

March: Not much to report

April: Amelia turned 2; experienced our first blizzard; Uncle Jeff visited; drove to Utah to see my Dad and the family; had a quiet Easter in Sidney

May: Enjoyed the rain; started to watch Ella Haley 3 times per week; Justin got me a washer and dryer

June: Drove to Utah again for a vacation to see both our families; swimming pool opened

July: Spent a fun 4th of July in Sidney; enjoyed being outside; Amelia made a rocky transfer to a toddler bed (phew); closed on our town home in Utah

August: Phillip joined our family; were turned down on several house offers

September: Aunt Jana came to visit; adjusted to life with Phillip; closed on our home

October: Miekka, Seth, Jacob, and Lia came to visit; painted our arms off in our new home; huge snow storm; moved in; Melissa, Jonathon, Ethan, and Grant stayed for a night; a fun Halloween with Amelia

November: finished unpacking and nearly completed with decorating; John, Courtenay, and Joe come for Thanksgiving

December: Phillip has a bronchoscopy; Uncle Jeff visited again, staying for Christmas