21 April 2013

Cheyenne East Stake

The big news this week came today during Stake Conference. We are now part of a new stake: the Cheyenne WY East stake! Elder Baxter of the Seventies released the current stake presidency and then called two new presidencies over the newly divided stakes. We've heard rumors about our new stake for years now! I think it is no coincidence that it came shortly after a nearby temple and newly created mission. We attended the meeting here in Sidney and viewed the conference over the internet. The transmission went off and on during the entire meeting. The transmission cut of right when the new presidency was announced. Talk about sitting on pins and needles. We eventually got the news! Our new stake covers the Western Nebraska panhandle. Now we get to wait for all the new stake callings to trickle down.  
Monday was my 20 week ultrasound. The baby was all snuggled up with crossed ankles for the 45 minute ultrasound. It looks healthy! Still on track with a 03 Sept due date. The baby sucked its thumb and made cute faces for us. The tech could only give us a 50/50 gender guess. Bummer. I have to get another ultrasound on 01 May because its position also hid the umbilical cord and placenta implant. I am going to bribe the tech to sneak a gender peek again.
Our crazy Nebraska weather brought another huge snow storm this week. We received about 6-8 inches (with the wind) Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. The interstate and schools were closed again on Thursday. School was cancelled early Wednesday evening, soon after the winter storm warning was degraded to a watch and the snow fizzled down. The kids enjoyed playing in the snow Wednesday afternoon and evening. I noticed even the icicles are crooked here in Nebraska! Made me giggle.
Tuesday evening I convinced Amelia to let me pull her loose tooth. Her new tooth was already up and the baby tooth not giving up it's hold. I googled videos on how to effectively pull a baby tooth and decided to try the dental floss yank trick. Her poor tooth was securely anchored in the front. Justin had to hold her down while I attempted to loop the floss securely around her tooth while she tried to slip it off with her tongue. Oh the crying! Oh the pain! Oh the anguish! I gave it a snug snap and out it popped! She was crying asking me not to try again when I dangled it in front of her. She recovered quickly after the blood stopped. She wanted the tooth fairy to let her keep her first tooth so refused to put it under her pillow. I guess our tooth fairy is amazing because she glued the tooth to a note and 3 dollar bills. Amelia was super glad to show off her new smile and tooth for show and tell on Friday. Justin said his dad had to yank out all his baby teeth for the same reasons (new teeth came in before the baby ones fell out). Trauma! Drama! 
Friday the twins came to spend the day with us again. It was a crazy day. I was tired and Cyd was cranky. When the women are not happy it makes for a looooong day. Sister Hermes and Meagan came over for a VT lunch of tacos at our home. We played some in the melting snow. Everett kept falling over because he cannot bend his knees with snow boots on. He earned a scraped nose. Amelia went to her first school friend birthday party. It was a sleepover party. She went for the party part since Justin and I decided on a no sleepover rule. We took the boys out for DQ before picking her up.
By Saturday most of the snow was melted and gone. We enjoyed a day outside in 60 degree weather. Ella came to spend the day and night with us while Alison ran in a race in Denver. I started the day with a photoshoot at 8:30 am. Little Brylee came back to try her first birthday photos. She was still not having anything to do with photos. We finally went outside and got one smiley photo. Good girl! She made me work hard. Everett and I went grocery shopping while Justin stayed home with the kids. Amelia and Ella still argue and fight like sisters. Justin almost went crazy from the constant reports of "she did this, and she won't do this." We went to Cabela's for an hour. Justin actually found some .22 ammo! I had another photoshoot at 2:20 with a crazy cute little girl from our ward. She turned 6 months old a while back. Since my studio was out I took photos of Amelia for her birthday. I spent Tuesday-Friday sewing a dress, two skirt outfits, and a shirt for Everett. Oh man, she looks so adorable in all the outfits! Can't wait to share. I made Everett a Timmy Time shirt. Goodness, there is a reason I don't open a shop for the detailed appliques made for my kids: IT TAKES WAY TOO MUCH TIME. My fingers are sore from getting poked and cut. I think it takes almost as long to make a cute clip as it does to cut out and sew a skirt.
We all felt saddened and elated by the news this week of the Boston Marathon bombings (and captures) and the Texas deaths. We live in a crazy world.