16 October 2011

No Boys Allowed


Amelia cracks me up. Period. This week she got the idea to make a "no boys allowed" sign for her door. We started listing the guys who will never be able to see her room (which is quite honestly fine with us). Mainly her sign relates to no Phillip allowed in her room because he makes a mess. Everett is allowed because he is cute. Daddy is not allowed because he reads books too fast. So when Ella came over to play on Thursday they made some signs. Amelia immediately taped it to her door. Mostly the sign says: Amelia and no boe. Ella spelled the other words out for her. Those two crack me up. Another funny: there is a popular game around, Angry Birds. Amelia calls the game Mad Birds. We saw some plush toys at Walmart and Amelia started yelling about those Mad Birds. We got a couple giggles over that.
Friday Susan and Nan came by to visit the kids. They are the ladies who helped us buy our home two years ago. They love to see the kids every so often. This time they came with pumpkin buckets filled with candy and a small gift. Talk about awesome! We enjoyed catching up with them for a few minutes. The kids were hyped up after all that candy! Before bed both kids ate their treat with the buckets on their heads. I also finally got around to yanking my tomato plants and hanging them upside down in the garage. Apparently, the tomatoes will continue to ripen on the vine just like the plant is still in the ground for a couple more weeks. Maybe I will get to can my spaghetti sauce after all.

I forgot to tell a funny story about Phillip. Last Sunday I laid out his clothes for Justin to help Phillip into. The shirt was a pink one with a navy vest over the top. He totally refused to put on the shirt! He yanked it off ran into my bedroom, threw the shirt on the floor, and yelled, "no, Amelia!" Not once, twice, but three times. He did end up wearing it but not without a fight. Once the vest was on he forgot about the color. We are still giggling that Phillip knows pink is totally an Amelia color.

This coming week should be fun! We are hosting preschool at our home. Our theme is MONKEYS, the letter M, and the color brown. We are totally ready for a monkey party. Yesterday we crammed the kids into the back of our Camry and drove to Cheyenne for new front tires and shopping. We got to browse Walmart for 1.5 hours, eat at Chipotles, shop for Everett clothes at my favorite consignment store, and stop at Hobby Lobby. Now we are ready to sell the Camry. Any takers let me know!