04 June 2015

Visit from the Lances

We did not have much planned for the Lance's visit. Amelia had a danz team summer camp Tues-Thursday. I totally forgot about it because of Memorial Day, it threw off my reckoning. She went Wed and Thursday from 10-12. I had an early morning YW planning meeting on Wednesday and an ortho appt for Amelia on Thursday. Miekka manned the house while the kids played and played. I think they had more fun playing in the basement than going on elaborate trips. The weather threw us a curve ball with it's unpredictable patterns. Miekka took the older kids swimming for 30 minutes before a nasty storm ripped through the area. One moment it was 80 degrees the next 55 degrees. The kids begged for new Legos so we held to tradition and got them some new sets to play with. Thursday evening Amelia performed the dances she learned at camp. We babysat Mr Zane, who was not thrilled with the idea of staying with us. Poor dude cried for over an hour. He did enjoy the dance performance. Amelia's age group danced to "Circle of Life" and "Camp Rock." All the girls looked pretty cute out on the gym floor strutting their moves.

Miekka and I got a little thrifting time in on Wednesday. We slipped out for a girl's date to see Tomorrowland. We had the theater to ourselves. It was relaxing to laugh and act like we were in college again. I will let you ruminate, imagining two old chicks watching a Disney movie together.

Friday we planned to hike Scottsbluff. I had the mad idea to clean out Phillip's ears before we left. That was pretty gross. His hearing has not improved much since. I wonder if he does suffer a bit of hearing loss. He is loud enough to merit some thing wrong with his ears. He told me last week he only hears me when I yell at him! Lately, I've taken to whispering in his ear rather than yelling. I feel like less of a witch. It started raining at dawn. It rained all day long. We stopped off at Wild Cat Hills discovery center. The visitor's center has a fun little children's area. The kids completed checklists as they learned about the museum. It was raining too hard for a hike outside. It was still raining so hard when we arrived that we decided to grace McD with our presence just so the kids could get out and run. We went to the Scottsbluff monument and tried our best to help the kids earn Jr Ranger badges. Half of the museum was closed off for renovations. A kind Ranger swore the kids in without half the work done. Rock slides closed off the vehicle and pedestrian routes, we "hiked" up the path 1/4 of the way up. Justin met us at the visitor's center, just in time for our little hike in the rain.

Sunday the rain cleared up and warmed up significantly. We took the kids to the park after dinner as a reward for cleaning up the living room and basement. Seems like this year Sidney might have a huge mosquito problem. I suddenly feel itchy. The Lances left early Monday morning for Utah. Miekka is glad to be back home where she can get her phone fixed. It misbehaved the entire time she was here. Lia whined for a couple hours wanting to come back. I feel happy that she wants to come back. Cousins are the best. We can't wait to drive out to Utah the end of July.

**We saw the most amazing sunset on Thursday. A band of reflecting light rays mirrored each other on the eastern and western horizons. It was almost like a rainbow made of clouds and light.

Amelia's Baptism

Pure, Sweet, Innocent, Beautiful. All words to describe the baptism day for Ella and Amelia. The girls had their Bishop's interviews on Wednesday. Amelia rushed into the YW room after her interview exclaiming, "Mom! I passed!" She was so thrilled.

Saturday dawned a lovely, sunny day. Miekka and Seth prepared an excellent talk on Baptism. Lia said the closing prayer. The one hair-raising event was when we could not find jumpsuits for the girls as the baptism started. The program was held in the chapel because Ella had quite a few visitors and family. I had to wake up Evelyn from her nap to arrive at the church on time. She was consequently very cranky. She loves Miekka so we could trade turns watching her run the halls. Amelia was baptized first. Amelia said the water was really warm. She felt it was the best day ever! She stood on the steps shivering to watch Ella get baptized. There was a lot of giggling going on as the dripping wet girls got dressed. The Elders put on a really, really long video about the conversion of an early Saint in the 1800s. It about put my kids under.

I sang a song my companions and I sang at baptisms on my mission, a mash-up of When I am Baptized and I Love to see the Temple. I dreamed a good long while of singing it at my first child's baptism. That was really special for me. Ella's Pa gave a talk on the Holy Ghost. Ella was confirmed first, then Amelia. The program went long with extra remarks from Elder Grunig and Sister Peters. The girls were just beaming. Our neighbor Kelly was able to attend the meeting.

Alison hosted a family BBQ out at their home in Dalton. Ella was delighted to show off her chickens to the kids. Evelyn tried to hug one of the newer chickens. The biggest attraction at Alison's home was a long ramp attached to the porch. Everett mastered all the yard games, trying to monopolize them all at the same time. It really was the BEST DAY EVER.