13 October 2011

Life Other Than Cleaning

Outside of cleaning like a mad woman life continued, gasp! I wanted to mention a couple items. Just had to post this photo again of Phillip since it is soooooo, well, Phillip!

1. Amelia is so excited for her Primary Program. We are memorizing her little part and listening to the program music all the time.
2. Amelia helped me pare down the toys in her room. She did so well giving up half of it to other little girls who don't have many toys.
3. Amelia is having a hard time staying in her bed. Sunday night she earned the consequence of cleaning the bathroom by herself. I played Drill Sargent and bossed her around for an hour. I remembered my dad playing Drill Sargent, just passing it on!
4. Phillip sucked a straw full of ranch and ketchup and blew it all over my shirt and pants. I smelled like salad.
5. While waiting for Amelia to get out of ballet Everett started laughing at Phillip laughing at him. That was a first for Everett. Made my heart sing with joy! Phillip also carried his monkey to ballet in a toy baby carrier. He coddles that monkey!
6. While enjoying dinner with the Missionaries on Tuesday, Phillip got his monkey and Grandma Jean blankie then commenced to nurse his monkey at the dinner table. What a kid.
7. Amelia went to the post office for preschool. She mailed herself a picture of her family. So cute.
8. Showed Phillip and Amelia how to slide down the stairs in a sleeping bag on Sunday. THAT was FUN.
9. Made myself 5 new "Cami-Secret" things. They are like mock camis that clip to a lady's underclothing. Used my old cami's to make the mock ones. I hate wearing shirts under shirts so this project was perfect for me.
10. Everett is not feeling well. He was up all hours of the night wanting loves. Poor kid.

Cleaning Bug


Ever since we contemplated moving the itch grew and grew inside me until I exploded with a huge can of jelly whoop clean all over my kitchen and basement. I clean everyday, it seems about a 100 times per day. Still my poor kitchen had not received a deep clean since the month before Everett was born. I knew it would take me FOR-Ev-ver to clean on my own so I enlisted some help. My basement was a thorn in my side even before we moved in. With help we made amazing progress towards a cleaner, simpler home.

Monday: Alison watched Amelia while I sorted toys. Ended up consigning about 60% of the kids toys. We have one little box upstairs, a little basket for bedroom toys, and now all the other toys fit into one cabinet. As a parent you buy your kids toys, they get gifted toys, they bring home stray toys, etc. It all piles up. Man, oh man it felt great to lighten the load to the toys the kids only play with. Pretty much I threw out all the toys that were NOT on the floor. Spent sporadic hours moving my photography props and making room in the storage room.

Tuesday: Alison came over again and helped me move furniture. Took a large load to the Salvation Army and Consignment store. Rose came over after lunch and helped me deep clean the kitchen for 4 hours. Together we scrubbed all the cabinet doors, pried dried food and such from corners, and polished every surface until it gleamed. I took breaks for piano lessons, nursing, and putting Phillip down for nap. The girls (Amelia, Ella, and Lily) all enjoyed zooming down the basement stairs in a sleeping bag. The whoops and hollers were enough to bring tears of joy to my eyes. I love happy sounds. Ella ended the party with a fun carpet burn and nose bonk. Was up until 12:30 mopping my kitchen floors and working in the basement. Alison had a great idea to hang Amelia's dress ups into the space where the previous owners had a mini fridge. Pretty much Alison gets credit for most of the good basement ideas! It is so strange how you can fashion everyone's spaces but when it comes to your own you get stuck.

Wednesday: Made another trip to Salvation Army. Alison came over and helped to organize my yarn and help put my craft room back together. Finished putting the basement back to sorts at 12:30 am once again. Found a cute area rug at the furniture store here in Sidney.

Phew! I am one tired...AND...pleased gal.

To do:
Paint the wall behind the longer couch and the TV a green color
Sew up a fun curtain to hide my photography studio area
Move my photo collage from the living room to the basement
Organize the movies into a CD case
Finish going through the rest of the closets once again

Since Friday I was super busy cleaning out my clothing, the upstairs closets, and the bathrooms. I am a cleaning maniac! Once I finished the kitchen it felt like a whitened sepulcher since all the inside cabinets are still dirty. Gleaming cabinets hid dusty shelves. Ah well, at least I know when to get help. Let them hide their secrets for a while longer.

I am so excited for this evening. Justin is watching the kids while I go have ice cream and a movie with ladies from our ward. CanNOT wait.