26 February 2009

Cutie Birdie

Here are six more shirts I whipped out this week so far. I think the birdie shirts are totally cute!! Amelia even likes them.

Amelia must be teething again, her molars came in a couple months ago but her eye teeth are still missing. I think her eye teeth are finally trying to come in. Last night the poor little thing was up between midnight at 3 am with a runny nose, etc. I could not find the medicine syringe until 2 am. After she took some pain reliever and Benedryl she settled down a bit. She loves taking the pain reliever, but spewed the Benedryl out of her mouth three times. I was drenched in sticky pink syrup after I finally got a dose into her little body. A friend suggested trying chewable Benedryl, she may like to eat some "candy"!!

Last night I made a yummy chicken soup using a rotisserie chicken (bones, skin, etc), onion, and garlic to make a broth, then added corn, egg noodles, two bullion, and replacing the chicken meat. Yum, yum!! Amelia and I attended an activity day for the younger primary girls. I took pictures of the mothers and daughters while Amelia ran around the gym with the girls. She had a blast!!

GOOD NEWS: JUSTIN FILED THE 10-K LAST NIGHT!!!! HOORAY!!! Hopefully his work life and schedule will normalize relatively quickly. Way to go HON!!!