26 February 2009

Cutie Birdie

Here are six more shirts I whipped out this week so far. I think the birdie shirts are totally cute!! Amelia even likes them.

Amelia must be teething again, her molars came in a couple months ago but her eye teeth are still missing. I think her eye teeth are finally trying to come in. Last night the poor little thing was up between midnight at 3 am with a runny nose, etc. I could not find the medicine syringe until 2 am. After she took some pain reliever and Benedryl she settled down a bit. She loves taking the pain reliever, but spewed the Benedryl out of her mouth three times. I was drenched in sticky pink syrup after I finally got a dose into her little body. A friend suggested trying chewable Benedryl, she may like to eat some "candy"!!

Last night I made a yummy chicken soup using a rotisserie chicken (bones, skin, etc), onion, and garlic to make a broth, then added corn, egg noodles, two bullion, and replacing the chicken meat. Yum, yum!! Amelia and I attended an activity day for the younger primary girls. I took pictures of the mothers and daughters while Amelia ran around the gym with the girls. She had a blast!!

GOOD NEWS: JUSTIN FILED THE 10-K LAST NIGHT!!!! HOORAY!!! Hopefully his work life and schedule will normalize relatively quickly. Way to go HON!!!

5 Stupendous Remarks:

Miekka said...

Jen, the shirts are cute! I really like the birds too. Seth loves the chewable benedryl. I keep it in my purse all the time and he takes it when we are at my mom's and the cat hair is bothering him. You would probably have to give Amelia half of a pill, but she might really like it. It tastes like grape candy.

The Haley Family said...

I didn't know there was chewable Benedryl, hmm...

CUTE shirts...geesh, I wish you weren't so lazy! What will you do when all the shirts are done and you can't find any good deals? :)

Did you look at the house on my street? Just curious.

See you tomorrow.

Courtenay Beth said...

Jenni. Holy. freaking.cute.
Those shirts are to die for! LOVE the birdies! And the berries! You are so creative! They are SO adorable!
Second: Those pics of A by the old door and tracks, so adorable! You are so talented Jen, I'm sad that just as I moved to Salt lake, you moved away. Lame. I love how Her hat is so sassy all cocked to one side and her hair is sticking out, and her bow and all, just to cute! LOVE the outfit by the way, those tights! SO fun!
Anyway, I feel like I keep saying the same things over and over, but everything you do is just SO cute!
LOve you!

Taylor's said...

Thanks for the call this morning; it was so funny I was going to call you about 10 minutes after to you call me.

The shirts are to die for - I need to look into new stitches!

Jess@craftiness is not optional said...

cute shirts!! that soup sounds yummy too! Poor thing hope she feels better. We're starting the teething process here too...it's no fun!