02 August 2009

Cheyenne Co Fair: Take II

Friday night Justin and I took Amelia back to the fair. First we stopped to see the small animals because Amelia could not stop gushing over the bunnies and chickens. We ran into the Haley family as we went in search for delicious fried fair food. Justin tucked into a corn dog and nachos while I savored chili cheese fries, Mia enjoyed part of a hot dog. She was in some discomfort due to a dirty diaper and rash to boot. Took me a while to figure out she had a yucky diaper. After her bum dried she settled down and quit whining. The ride tickets were a complete rip off. It cost about $20 for two ferris wheel rides and one spin on the train ride for Amelia. Geepers! The money was worth Amelia's delighted face as we spun through the air. She was wedged pretty tight in between us with barely enough room to wiggle her pink boots. Justin showed off his fair face...pretty handsome, eh?! Alison took Amelia and Ella on the train ride. Both girls were nearly squealing with excitement. It was way too cute. Out of the 9 rides available she could only ride 2, so we took another spin on the Ferris wheel. Before leaving we had a funnel cake...in my opinion one of the only reasons to visit the fair! It was super duper delicious.

Yesterday we had a laid-back day. Justin was not feeling too well after catching my digestive bug. Amelia slept in until 9:30 am! She went to bed without getting out Friday AND Saturday nights. Yipee!! She only got up once last night as well. Next task is working on her naps again. Thank you for your supportive prayers. I don't enjoy feeling like a parental failure featured on Nanny 911 or Super Nanny.

In the next little while I will post my latest projects: diapering cones and some photography props. I also had a fun photography session with a little 6 mth old baby in my ward. Check out her cuteness on my photo blog: www.applegreenphotography.blogspot.com