08 June 2014

Riding Solo

Amelia is a cautious child. Not a risk taker like her brother Phillip. She was very hesitant to try biking without training wheels last summer. Thursday we watched a video of her cousin Lia biking around for the first time with no training wheels. She took a deep breath and then said she was ready to give it a try. Justin helped her bike around the block once...then she was off on her own. All it took was a little confidence and strong pedaling. I love the photos of her sticking out her tongue with concentration. Phillip is very excited to learn now. He wants a bike with a rack for Cager (his monkey) to ride on. We are soooooo proud of Amelia for taking the risk and being brave.

Just Because

A couple weeks ago I saw a pretty bluebird taking a bath in our birdbath. I was inspired to dress up Evelyn like a bluebird and well...you know...take more photos. I love that I can just do what want and love every moment. She also looked so cute in a little outfit in the same colors as a watermelon. Thankfully, we had a watermelon chilling in the fridge as well. Presto...more cute photos.

Please "Where" Your Finest Dress

Sunday Amelia asked me to help her make tea party invitations. We found a teacup shape, traced the shape and cut the shape out. Amelia did the rest on her own. She decorated the invites on her own. We delivered them Wednesday afternoon. Amelia sure loves her tea parties. She asked Justin very politely if she could use his tea china. He was gracious and let her use the set outside. Amelia helped me make cookies Thursday morning. We made snickerdoodles and peanut butter cookies. The tea was cherry limeade. Before her friends came over I asked what she had planned for the boys. I suggested we put a movie on for them to keep them out of the way. Amelia said she needed the boys for entertainment. The boys were supposed to dance and make the girls laugh. Phillip tried his hand at entertaining. He ended up grossing the girls out so much they banished him. He unrolled the carpet with his burping, farting, and spitting tricks. I think Amelia had more genteel expectations for entertainment. We pulled out the bounce house after the tea party finished. The girls finished up with sidewalk chalk painting. These little tea parties are so much fun and not much work.

Typical Week

Everett is sick again with that same nasty virus he had on our Utah trip last month. He is up all hours of the night coughing, barfing, and breathing heavy. Poor kid. He is miserable. From Saturday to Tuesday he ran a fever between 100 and 104.8, needless to say he slept off and on most of the week. His favorite retreat is buckled in his carseat in the van. He asks me to put him in the van so he can nap. Tuesday it seemed he was feeling a bit better so we went to the pool. On the way home he barfed all over his carseat, the drive is only 5 minutes. Today he seems to be feeling a little better, I can tell because he wanted to eat some breakfast.

We enjoyed some fun weather this week. Several severe weather cells ripped around us but never rolled over Sidney. Instead we spectated gorgeous sunsets caused by the weather. It was super hot until Friday when the temps fell to 60-65 degrees. That was a shock! Susan is finally getting the right paint color applied to the house. I went down to the lumber store and requested more paint, this time in the right color. I supervised them while the paint was selected and mixed. This is the 4th batch of paint. I think the new color looks lovely against the red brick and white windows. We cannot wait to get the project done with. I hope she can finish up this week. She was feeling quite low the other day so I gave her a Starbucks gift card. She was so pleased! I could tell with her new whistling and renewed energy. Kindness goes a long way. I made a strawberry-rhubarb pie Sunday evening. The pie tasted delicious but was too runny. The recipe asked for quick-cook tapioca, I used tapioca starch. FYI: they are not the same thing. The crust was a little underdone much to my dismay.

Wednesday my Webelos and I went on a 3 mile hike, picked up trash, made a fire, and baked banana boats. I love my group of silly boys. They worked hard and finally earned the Outdoorsman badge. Our Arrow of Light is soon so we cut it close. The weather cancelled the hike 2 previous times. The kids spent a lot of time outside this week. I whipped up many batches of sidewalk paint and ooblek for the kids to play with. Amelia went to a 3-day gymnastics camp Monday-Wednesday. She learned the basic steps for a cartwheel and handstand. She can be found practicing on our front lawn.

Friday was National Doughnut day. Amelia asked why there is not a National Doughnut Week. Why not indeed! We got some doughnuts and chocolate milk at the Rolling Pin Bakery. We ate the treats at the park then played for an hour. I really like going to the park at 8:30 am...it is very nice!

Everett likes to color his legs. This week he chose red and orange. He told me his legs matched his Monster Truck shirt. Indeed. Amelia is deeply interested in reading the Series of Unfortunate Events. We started reading it out loud last week. She picked it up and read most of the day on Thursday, stopping only for her tea party.

Phillip found a measuring tape yesterday. He and Everett went around measuring all kinds of body parts. Phillip told me his pee-pee is 3 pounds long. Wow. Just wow. Apparently, Everett got to measure that part of anatomy. Phillip got a summer workbook with a picture of a brain lifting weights on the front. The next day we had an interesting conversation about brains. Phillip has a brain in his head, a brain in his tummy, two brains in his bum, and lots and lots and lots of brains in his pee-pee. Oh goodness. Just don't think too much with those brains in your pee-pee son!

Saturday Michelle Rognon took our family photos. Friday afternoon I found a couple skirts at the thrift store for me to wear. Amelia and I had a fashion show trying on all sorts of wardrobe combinations. She was in seventh heaven. Like usual family photos ended up being a stressful affair. It was no different for this photographer and her family. Phillip was being Phillip, Everett was not feeling well, Evelyn was crabby, and Amelia was being a drama queen. Pretty typical. The photos we got were typical and very reflective of our stage in life. In other words I love them, can't wait to see them. Justin and I watched Saving Mr Banks. That was a really touching movie about the author of Mary Poppins. If you have not seen it then rent it! Saturday evening we got to see Maleficent. I thought it was well-done.

**One more thing. Phillip likes to randomly kiss my wedding ring. I feel like the Pope when he does. I am training him to call me Your Holiness after he kisses my ring.