13 May 2010

Little Dude in a Classic Car


Sunday we had rockin' temps in the 70s. During a high fever break Phillip was being all smiley. I looked at his cute onesie then the toy car in our yard and HAD to play. Phillip obligied! Justin was my spotter and shadow. Amelia helped me get Phillip to smile. Ahhh! I love photography! I found the toy car with Alison last year at a garage sale. She helped convince me to get it. I am SOOOO glad she did.

On a bright note, Phillip seems to be a little happier this morning. He played on the carpet all by himself for FIVE minutes. That is progress. Amelia is playing with Ella and Parker this morning in our basement. For some reason throwing a boy into the mix between Mia and Ella seems to diffuse their little bossy behaviors. I crocheted a new hat while the kiddos destroyed the basement. It was like sitting in the eye of tornado. The clean up song is soon to be sung.